Protect the Pets of Domestic Violence Victims

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Target: Ohio House Speaker William G. Batchelder

Goal: Ensure legal protection for the pets of victims of domestic violence

A shocking majority of domestic violence victims who have pets report that their abuser injured or threatened their beloved companion. Many victims refuse to leave or delay leaving domestic violence situations in fear for their pet’s life. Thankfully, legislators in Ohio have proposed a compassionate new measure that would legally protect the pets of victims of domestic violence.

House Bill 243 (H.B. 243) would allow pets to be included in protective orders issued by judges for domestic violence victims. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, “Nearly three-fourths of pet-owning women entering domestic violence shelters report that their abuser killed, harmed or threatened their animal.” Abusers cruelly take advantage of the bond victims have with their pets and abuse the animals as a method of inflicting further emotional trauma on the victim. Threatening to hurt a victim’s pet can also be a tactic to keep them from leaving. Sadly, most domestic violence shelters will not allow victims to bring their pets.

In an effort to protect their beloved pets, many victims stay in abusive situations even longer. If the proposed measure is passed into law, more domestic violence victims will be able to seek help without risking the livelihood of their animals, protecting both the victims and their pets alike. The common-sense bill has already been passed unanimously by the Ohio Senate, and 24 states across the country already have similar laws in existence. Urge the Ohio House of Representatives to protect domestic violence victims and their pets by supporting H.B. 243.


Dear Mr. Batchelder,

Sadly, almost 75 percent of pet-owning victims of domestic violence report that their abuser has killed, injured or threatened their animals. Harming or threatening a victim’s beloved companion is a common tactic used by abusers to inflict further emotional trauma and prevent the victim from leaving. Unfortunately, most domestic violence shelters do not allow pets, so many victims stay in abusive situations in an attempt to protect their pet.

House Bill 243 (H.B. 243) would allow judges to include pets in protective orders for domestic violence victims. This compassionate legislation would encourage more victims to seek help in leaving abusive situations without risking the lives of their pets, protecting both domestic violence victims and their beloved companions. I urge you to support H.B. 243 and join the 24 other states that already have similar life-saving laws in effect.


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  1. Sam Outhorn says:

    More such cases when protecting nice animals against mean people is necessary!…

  2. caryl sawyer says:

    As one who worked with domestic abusers, I found them very cunning at different forms of intimidation. It follows that a beloved child or a pet would receive abuse.

  3. All abusers of anyone or any living creature needs to be put out of their misery.Since they are no way shape or form human except for appearance there shouldn’t be a problem with terminating the monsters.

  4. I have personally experienced this and I know that no one wants to leave their animals behind with an abuser knowing an abuser is going to torture their beloved animals knowing you will come back to make it stop. Unfortunately half the time they get killed anyways and no one seems to do anything about it and questions you later as to why you never went back under a therapists microscope. Unfortunately no one seems to understand or care about that, children yes but our pets no. We need tighter laws and safety measures surrounding our animals safety in these situations so we may all be safe and be heard and domestic violence does not persist for as long as it does as abusers find ways to manipulate victims into returning. We need a safe place to keep our beloved animals as well as a safe place to go and a lot of times this is also not an option so we again suffer and go back because I would rather suffer than give up my best friend who is the only one who has stood there with me through it all and stood up to someone like that for me.

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