Outlaw Dog Brothels and Animal Prostitution


Target: Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Prime Minister of Denmark

Goal: Ban dog brothels and treat bestiality as animal abuse

While the ethics of human prostitution are hotly debated, certain countries like Denmark have pushed the boundaries of sexual depravity by legalizing dog brothels. The brothels cater to patrons with the only legal stipulation being that dogs “not suffer.” Operating under such ambiguous constraints, these places have become havens for the sanctioned abuse of helpless animals.

Since canine genitalia are not physically tailored to human genitalia, sexual intercourse can be extremely harmful. For dogs, sex with human males often involves forced entry which can cause internal bleeding and other potentially fatal injuries. Psychological harm from such a stressful event is not taken into account, so how does one determine if a dog has “suffered?” The section chief for animal welfare for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority details the inherent abuse in bestiality. According to Torunn Knaevelsrud, “…it is in the nature of the case that animals will often be victims of injury, stress or suffering in connection with sexual acts with humans. Either that they are held fast, or frightened, or suffer physical pain or injury.” Because Denmark law is so ill-defined when it comes to bestiality, people typically escape punishment despite raping innocent dogs.

Prostitution, human or otherwise, is an industry that commonly involves exploitation and illegal trafficking. The only difference between the two is that human victims have a voice, and while even they can struggle to be acknowledged by society these dogs cannot cry out to anyone. They cannot consent to sexual activity, file a complaint or report abuse. They cannot raise awareness about their current situation; they must depend on us to end this cycle of legalized suffering.

Demand the humane treatment of dogs in Denmark. Tell the Prime Minister that dogs are incapable of consenting to sexual acts with humans, and that forcing animals into sex should be treated as a crime.


Dear Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt,

Dog brothels in Denmark are becoming havens for animal rape and abuse. Although your laws stipulate that animals involved in these acts should “not suffer,” no clear boundaries or regulations have been established. In addition, no specific punishments exist for violating this condition. As a result dogs are left to sustain both physical and mental trauma from these depraved acts of sexual exploitation, and nobody is charged with animal cruelty.

Human reproductive organs are very different than dogs’, making sexual intercourse an extremely dangerous encounter for both species. For dogs, sex with human males typically involves forced entry which can lead to serious health complications such as internal bleeding. Aside from physical harm, dogs also suffer severe mental distress. Being forced into intercourse is disorienting, frightening and stressful for unsuspecting canines. These animals are being manhandled into submission and subjected to unwarranted physical attacks.

Bestiality is inherently non-consensual. Dogs are incapable of making fully informed decisions regarding sexual activity with humans. They also cannot voice opposition to such treatment. For these reasons I urge you and other Denmark officials to ban dog brothels and outlaw bestiality. Forcing an animal to participate in undesired sexual acts is still rape, and most inter-species relations entail some form of injury. Please, protect the welfare of these dogs and punish those who would exploit them for sexual pleasure.


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Photo credit: Mdk572 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Yasmin W says:

    Cut their d@cks off and stuff them down their throat! Rape is rape no matter what shape or form it is in unless the other person/being can voice their consent!!!!

  2. Marina Nemchinova says:

    This is truly a very disturbing article. I have assumed that since the world had evolved into a modern, civilized phase, dog brothers would be a cruel sport from thousands of years ago. I guess not. Animals – I’m not even going to touch the subject of human prostitution – do not have a voice and would not have the ability to give consent, NO MATTER what the client would dub “harmless”. Rape is still rape and the client has forced his/her entry into a being that has NOT given its consent. And what sort of a “person” would resort to having sexual intercourse with a being from another category? A cat is not supposed to mate with a dog, by NATURE’S LAWS, so a human should NOT copulate with an animal. Capisce?

  3. Michelle says:

    This is revolting and wrong on so many levels.

    • Alisa Gunter says:

      I agree with you Jean Duckworth… It’s perverted! It’s sick! It’s twisted! It’s not natural!!! It goes against all of nature!!! I can’t believe this happens to dogs!!! I can’t believe it!!!

  4. This is inhumane and barbaric, Denmark!!! Animals need to be treated with dignity and respect. Animals are not our property and anyone who rapes an animal should go to jail or be executed! We need to protect all animals because they are the only ones who can teach people to be humane.

  5. ravinder singh says:

    sick people with sick minds. they abuse animals they should be ashamed of themselves. Can they look in their own eyes after abusing animals. Die of shame .

  6. Virginia Spivak says:

    I have learned through the years & these situations that man is basically evil. Selfish, cruel & I humane the way they treat innocent animals for their disgusting needs whether it’s pervertedvir just abyss & torture. They enjoy inflicting pain. They should all be castrated & given the same torture back

  7. jade forester says:

    People going to this place are sick humans. What kind or person in there right mind would want to have sex with a dog. That is rape in my eyes.

  8. Eve Cannon says:

    I have never read anything as sick as this. This makes me feel physically sick. People who do the are sick in the head and I wouldn’t trust them anywhere near my dog or my child- they are pefverts

  9. Barb Wolf Liverman says:

    What should be done to these people is so bad it can not be said, I hurt for all dogs who has to go through this. I got sick over this.

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