Denounce Man for Shooting Dog


Target: Randall Schexnayder

Goal: Denounce man for shooting his neighbor’s dog after he discovered it copulating with his purebred pet

A Louisiana man was arrested by the police for allegedly shooting his neighbor’s copulating dog. Schexnayder reportedly shot the dog for mating with his purebred dog. When veterinarians examined the neighbor’s dog, they found two bullet wounds. This man should be denounced and punished for his impulsive and cruel behavior.

On May 28, 2014, Schexnayder was arrested for shooting his neighbor Jim Hanley’s four-year-old Labrador-mix named Raider. The lab had gotten out of his home after one of Hanley’s children left the front door unlatched. Raider returned to the home wounded and bleeding, and without his collar. Veterinarians examined Raider and discovered that the dog had been shot twice: one bullet wound went through his muzzle and exited his mouth, the second bullet was still lodged in his neck.

Hanley suspected his neighbor was responsible for injuring his dog. When the neighbors first met 10 months prior to the incident, Schexnayder told his neighbor that Raider should never come near his dogs, especially when she was in heat. When police interrogated the man, Schexnayder said he initially chased Raider away from his property, but when the dog returned to mount his purebred dog, he took out a 22-caliber pistol and shot Raider twice.

Schexnayder is currently free after posting a $10,000 bail, but is facing animal cruelty charges. Such violence could have been avoided if Schexnayder kept his dog inside his home while she was in heat. By signing this petition, you will be denouncing Schexnayder for the heartless, unnecessary violence against a beloved pet.


Dear Mr. Schexnayder,

You were recently arrested and charged with animal cruelty after shooting your neighbor’s dog, Raider, for copulating with your own purebred dog. This gross act of violence is unnecessary and could have been avoided if your dog had been kept inside the home while she was in heat. Raider could have also been separated from your dog while you notified his owner, but instead the only solution you found was to shoot this poor animal.

While I understand the complications and financial losses of having a pregnant dog, especially one that was impregnated unintentionally, this does not give you the right to shoot Raider. His actions did not require you to draw a gun, which makes me believe you are a man prone to violence. I do not believe you have a right to own your current dog, as any self-respecting dog owner values the lives of all dogs, not just their own.


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Photo credit: Qbas81 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rita Grahn says:

    Why did he have a bitch on heat running around unattended in his yard, in the first place? Why was it not spayed or put in a kennel for the duration?

  2. Stephanie Geyser says:

    And to think that a moron like that is allowed to own a gun. No wonder there are so many mass shootings in the USA.

  3. Cecily Colloby. says:

    SHOOT HIM!!!!!!

  4. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    How is this moron able to own a gun and (apparently) breed his dog? He’s not smart enough to do either.

  5. T Bruning says:

    If this excuse for a human is so quick to pull out a gun & shoot a defenceless animal for no good reason, he should not only be prosecuted but also banned from owning any animals himself.

  6. This guy is an imbecilic ass. If he doesn’t have enough sense to have his dog fixed or to put her up when she is in heat, then he doesn’t have any common sense and has no business with any dog. I’m surprised there was only poor Raider to deal with. They should also take this guys gun away from him, he could have hurt his dog or a child in the process. Stupidity is at epidemic proportions.
    I hope Raider recovers, poor thing.

  7. Kill that bastard

  8. Wow? My analysis is you have a lack of love for dogs (& probably even you neighbor).

    So that brings me to wonder what your getting out of your relationship with your dog that you have it?

    Is your dog a novelty too you that you can boast & brag about?
    Do you have a problem with vanity & ego??

    Do you have a big problem with having to have selfish gain in some way?

    How about trying to grow more, in selfless love for dogs?

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