Demand Justice for Dog Shot and Killed by Police Officer


Target: Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank

Goal: Punish officer who shot and killed dog in gated backyard because he felt “threatened” by him

A Salt Lake City police officer recently shot and killed a dog named Geist in a gated backyard. The officer allegedly entered the yard without permission from the owner during a search for a missing child, felt “threatened” by the dog and killed him.

Sean Kendall released a heartbreaking video of the confrontation he had with two Salt Lake City police officers immediately after learning his dog was cruelly shot and killed in his yard. The offending officer was identified by authorities as Salt Lake City Police Officer Olsen in the video, and had already left the scene by the time Kendall arrived. The officers in the video said Olsen felt “threatened” after he entered the backyard in search of a missing child and made the decision to fatally shoot the dog. The child was discovered sleeping in the basement of his family home shortly after Geist was killed.

As Kendall makes very clear in the video, the officer had entered his private residence without his permission and the yard was properly gated. It is not uncommon for dogs to be protective of their homes when a stranger enters without the owner. The officer had no right to enter the yard in the first place, let alone take the life of the animal who was properly and responsibly contained within it. Denounce Officer Olsen’s cruel, rash decision and demand he face serious consequences for his actions. Demand justice for Geist.


Dear Chief Burbank,

I am appalled to learn that a Salt Lake City police officer recently shot and killed a dog in a gated backyard he entered without permission from the owner. It is completely unacceptable for police to enter a private residence and so cruelly take the life of an animal who is properly and responsibly contained there.

In a video released by the owner, Sean Kendall, two Salt Lake City police officers identify the offending officer as Salt Lake City Police Officer Olsen. According to the officers in the video, Olsen had entered the yard in search of a missing child, felt “threatened” by the dog, and made the heartless decision to fatally shoot the dog.

It is quite common—and natural—for a dog to feel protective of its home if they see a stranger enter without their owner. Even if it is necessary for a police officer to enter a private residence without permission, they have no right to take the life of an animal they find there. I implore you to ensure justice for the dog and his owner and prevent such a tragedy for occurring again in the future by imposing serious consequences for Officer Olsen’s actions.


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Photo Credit: Mark Robinson via Flickr

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  1. Stephanie Theis says:

    Never let this person have a day that he isn’t confronted by someone for doing this. Don’t let it be swept aside. Keep on local news, radio, newspapers, politicians everyday by email, phone, fax, in person if possible, and mail Everyday. If he get transferred make sure this horrible evil act follows him and his family and haunts them Forever.
    Until we the people stand up and say no more and change the laws concerning animals this and worse will continue to happen.

    • The nature of this occupation attracts the most awful persons to it—same as psychiatry—except, each of these has different “twists” to them. If every policeman woke up tomorrow blind, I’d feel way less for the lot of them than for this one dog. So? Are you insisting to your state lawmakers that police must personally pay lawsuit judgments over their misdeeds? That will make almost all of these “torchers of the baby Jesus” use minimum to zero force when it will work—which is to say—in most cases—than killing someone’s precious dog. These thugs don’t want to use a spray repellant, they want to see blood and guts, and joke about it back at the station.

  2. Here again is the senseless death of a family member at the hands of the law.When is enough enough? I fully understand that a child was missing, but when the officer saw that this innocent victim was in the yard, he should have went to the front to get the family to contain this pet.No excuse, for such heartless bad behavior. There is way too much of this idiotic behavior going on and those that are so quick to kill an animal, with out use of common sense, have no business doing any job, that decides who will live and who will die. Anyone toting around a gun holds that decision, rather right or wrong! But killing a pet is always wrong.I will never forget the picture of this wee little dog, that had gotten out of a car wagging its tail, while the cop shot it in cold blood, just because he could,the SOB! These are Cop’s not Police Officers.They are going to keep this ignorance up and the day will come when it’s going to hit the fan. There are many that love their cats and dogs more than life itself.And Gangs and crooks and anything else are not even going to hold a candle to the fall out, when the wrong persons family member is murdered. The day is coming and the police had better do something now about the trigger happy poor excuses for Police Officers that have no humanity in them, a really bad combination: No humanity + a gun + authority = unnecessary turgidity! What do you think is going to happen?

    • CORRECTION:Police Officers that have no humanity in them, a really bad combination: No humanity + a gun + authority = unnecessary tragedy! What do you think is going to happen?

  3. Correction;Police Officers that have no humanity in them, a really bad combination: No humanity + a gun + authority = unnecessary tragedy! What do you think is going to happen?

  4. steve richko says:

    Its their dream to use their gun, they never pass up a chance to shoot something !

  5. The dog did his job not the so call OFFICER???? Punish him he is dangerous he is carrying a gun !!!

  6. Angie Richards says:

    The cruel basterd so they rather shoot a dog then shoot a crinimal what usless cops they are what dickheads they really are they should be sacked and put in prison big time xxx

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