Retract Article that Discriminates Against Pit Bulls


Target: Charlotte Alter, Writer for Time Magazine

Goal: Retract discriminatory article that insists pit bulls should be sterilized and highly regulated

A recently published TIME magazine article has caused a stir among anti-dog breed discrimination supporters. Charlotte Alter, the author of the article The Problem With Pit Bulls, is insistent that pit bull breed dogs should be sterilized and highly regulated. Alter shares statistics in support of her claims, though fails to properly relay the underlying problem, which always accompanies aggressive dogs of any sort: failed responsibility on the part of the dog’s owner.

Within her article, Alter shares information that claims pit bulls are not inherently aggressive; rather, they are raised that way through abusive treatment. Alter even addresses certain incidents where pit bulls were not aggressive at all and instead were very well-behaved and highly affectionate. Despite this acknowledgement, Alter’s belief remains that breed-specific mandated sterilization should be made law and all pit bull dogs should be sterilized and regulated. Alter uses many quotes from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in order to support her discrimination. These quotes allude to the idea that PETA believes pit bull dogs are a danger to society and Alter agrees.

Claiming that pit bull dogs must be regulated and sterilized because they are believed to be inherently aggressive is off base and discriminatory. Time and time again pit bull dogs have flourished while in stable, loving homes. Because the breed has been targeted by ill-meaning people for fighting and aggression only speaks for those specific dogs, not the entire breed. Alter’s support of this discrimination is inappropriate; people and governments should focus on the root of the problem: people, rather than the victims of abuse: dogs. Urge Alter to heed caution and common sense in the future when addressing serious issues like dog discrimination.


Dear Charlotte Alter,

You recently authored an article, which is now featured in TIME magazine, titled The Problem With Pit Bulls. Your viewpoint on the issue of pit bull aggression and attacks is obvious: you advocate for pit bull regulation and sterilization. While sterilization is overall a good idea for most dogs, your belief that sterilization requirements should only pertain to pit bull dogs is discriminatory and off base.

You cited quotes from PETA and other officials to back up your case, though unfortunately the viewpoints of these people are also discriminatory. To say that pit bull dogs are innately aggressive and dangerous is wrong. Pit bull dogs are favored by individuals who wish to participate in underground dog fights and other harmful illegalities. Many of these ill-meaning individuals exist all over the world. Certain pit bulls are raised to fight; the breed itself is not bred to fight. When raised in a stable, loving home, a pit bull is a wonderful, gentle and loyal family member. This has been proven many times over; in fact, you mentioned many cases of well-behaved pit bulls in your article. How a dog is trained, treated and raised makes all of the difference in temperament; this is seen in all breeds.

Ms. Alter, I urge you to address the issue with a deeper understanding of the real problem at hand. Pit bull dogs alone are not the problem. Dangerous people who use pit bull dogs for illegal activities should instead be targeted and forced to suffer the consequences of their actions. Pinpointing the real problem is of utmost importance; stop advocating discrimination.


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Photo credit: werner22brigitte via Pixabay

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  2. Bryan Craig says:

    Pit Bulls are always aggressive because their masters make them to be that way. How about euthanizing bad masters who train their dogs to be that way.

  3. labrune sylvie says:

    les pitbulls sont des chiens comme les autres ce sont les mâtres qui les dresses a attaquer ,le chien fais ce que son mâitre lui apprend tout simplement ,il n y a pas de mauvais chiens ,mais des mauvais maîtres inconscient et fou

  4. Stan Benton says:

    This “author” clearly knows nothing about Pitt Bulls, or animals in general. I have known (and even owned) Pitt Bulls, some of which had been rescued from the scum who fight them. I have never run up against one who was not loving and gentle. (Gee, do you think it’s me? – My attitude, etc.)

  5. Arlene Zimmer says:

    Pit Bulls are not born fighters! It’s the horrific humans that change and ruin their lives – and then complain about them! Without that – they remain loving, friendly and a pleasure to be with.


  7. caryl sawyer says:

    Wonderful! Another journalistic whore joins the alresdy swollen ranks of uncredentialed purveyors of Truth, spouting myths that others want to hear. I have not bothered with Time magazine for years.

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