Hold Shop Owner Accountable for Reported Endangered Animal Fur Sales

Target: Xavier Becerra, Attorney General of California

Goal: Hold clothing store accountable for reportedly selling endangered animal pelts.

The owner of San Francisco clothing store Decades insists she did nothing wrong even after being charged with and pleading no contest to selling items made from endangered animal pelts. Cicely Hansen, a self-proclaimed “fashion historian,” claims she was unaware of a law prohibiting such sales, and claims to be a true animal rights activist.

The sale of animal pelts is just as harmful as the act of poaching itself. Hansen may not have killed these animals with her own hands, but she is still enabling the exploitation of endangered creatures by reportedly selling their skins for profit. Animal rights activist or not, her alleged actions are still unethical and illegal. To even willfully own clothing made of animal pelts is harmful in this day and age, sending the message that it is acceptable to kill innocent creatures for the sake of fashion.

Decades must be held accountable for their reported possession and sales of endangered animal pelts. Sign this petition to ensure that the shop and its owner face the appropriate penalties for their reported actions.


Dear Attorney General Becerra,

Clothing store owner Cicely Hansen has reportedly pleaded no contest to the sale of endangered animal pelts, yet still continues to attempt to justify her actions. Hansen reportedly claimed she was unaware of a law prohibiting such sales, and that as a “fashion historian” she was merely selling items she had had in her possession for years.

Hansen claims to be an animal rights activist, yet having the pelts of jaguar, ocelot, and snow leopard in her shop is just as unethical and exploitative as poaching itself. A person cannot claim ignorance or justify their actions when they have essentially enabled the continued persecution of endangered wildlife.

There is no justification for enabling the harming of wildlife, regardless of ignorance regarding the laws. Hansen and her shop must be held accountable and made to fully accept and concede to their reported wrongdoings.


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Photo Credit: Nova Mackentley

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  1. Bev Woodburn says:

    Cicely Hansen, a self-proclaimed “fashion historian,” claims she was unaware of a law prohibiting such sales, and claims to be a true animal rights activist.

    An animal rights activist! What an evil and lying bitch. Skin this evil bitch alive and let her suffer in agony as billions of the precious fur sentient beings endure.
    Then this evil bitch will know what suffering in unimaginable excruiciating agony these precious fur animals endure just so this evil bitch can make her GREED by selling their blood fur.

    Die you fucking evil and heartless bitch.

  2. I find it highly unlikely that as an owner of a clothing store that she wasn’t aware of the laws pertaining to sales of endangered animal pelts. I think in her mind that the greedy need to make a profit outweighed any possible legal consequences of the sales. If she were a true “animal rights activist” she would not have been selling any fur regardless of any laws governing such sales. As a “Fashion Historian” she should have donated the clothing to a museum or some other education purposed facilty to help illustrate the horrors of the fur trade. Why not at the very least make a small in-store educational display with the items, explaining; the historical relivance, the atrocities of fur trade such as poaching, why the items are NOT for sale in that store and why people should not be purchase similar items anywhere else.

  3. G. Petersen says:

    Her excuse is a joke! I agree 100% with Peter – she wouldn’t allow these items to be sold in the store if she was an animal activist. The problem goes much deeper than store owners – why aren’t the authorities who are supposed to stop these items from coming into the country in the first place doing their jobs? That’s my question! We can’t count on consumers to not buy as half of them wouldn’t know a pelt from an animal of any kind. And the other half wouldn’t care – that’s why there is still a market for fur. I have 2 words for people who want to wear fur and those 2 words are “faux fur”!! And for those dummies out there who don’t know what “faux” means it is synthetic fur that looks just like the real thing.

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