Protect Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs from Persecution

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Target: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Daniel Ashe

Goal: Protect the population of the black-tailed prairie dog by listing it as an endangered species.

Prairie dogs have been targeted by humans for a long time – shot, poisoned, and driven out of their territories by urbanization. This extermination of prairie dogs by humans has led the population’s range to be diminished by nearly 99 percent over the years. Yet prairie dogs are still offered no protections and methods to exterminate them continue to be legal.

The presence of the black-tailed prairie dog in the Great Plains is an integral part of the natural ecosystem. Prairie dogs create burrows, or prairie dog towns, in which they live in, protecting them from the heat and from predators. However, these prairie dog burrows also provide shelter for many other creatures in the area, including snakes, birds, salamanders, rabbits, owls, and beetles. When the prairie dog is exterminated and removed from an area, other creatures no longer have the prairie dog burrows to depend on for protection, and they soon also disappear from these areas.

The persecution of these innocent creatures continues, as new methods for extermination continue to be approved. This is unacceptable and more needs to be done to protect this species before it is too late. By signing the petition below, you will be asking for protections for the black-tailed prairie dog by listing it as an endangered species. Protecting these creatures with the law will help ensure their survival, as well as the preservation of the unique ecosystem of the Great Plains.


Dear Director Ashe,

For many years, prairie dogs across the Great Plains have been persecuted by humans. The black-tailed prairie dog in particular has experienced great side effects from the mass extermination, its range diminishing nearly 99 percent of its historic range.

While many humans believe these creatures to be nuisances, they contribute to the unique ecosystem of the Great Plains and deserve to be respected. While mass killings of this creature happen all of the time, no protections have yet to be provided for the black-tailed prairie dog.

Please help to protect the black-tailed prairie dog by listing it under the Endangered Species Act. The survival of this species as well as the conservation of the ecosystem of the Great Plains depends on it.


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Photo Credit: Jovianeye via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Humans are the lowest species on this planet – never happier than when they are killing animals to prove how big and clever they are.

  2. Cecily Colloby says:

    Let’s have a mass extermination of the human race.THEY are the biggest nuisance on the planet….

    • Anita Rosinola says:

      You got that right. People are the biggest predator in the world. And how about if we start exterminating people? How would we all like that? There seems to be too many people in the world as it is and because of it there is not enough resources to accomadate all of them so they take the land from the animals and turn it into shopping malls and housing developments and whatever! Leaving nothing for animals anymore and when they get in our way, it’s let’s just kill them! This world just makes me sick!

  3. Can’t they leave anything alone?

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