Ban Cruel Puppy Mills Throughout Australia

Target: Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Australia

Goal: Demand that Australia adopt a nationwide ban on puppy mills and the sale of non-rescue cats and dogs in pet stores.

The Australian state of Victoria recently passed a law that effectively bans all puppy mills and the sale of non-rescue cats and dogs in pet stores. Thanks to this new law, breeders will be forced to have no more than 10 fertile female dogs or be subject to strict new regulations. While this is a step in the right direction, no such legislation exists anywhere else in Australia, where commercial breeders can still subject dogs and cats to years of misery and inhumane confinement.

Under the new ban in Victoria, pet stores will only be able to sell rescue cats and dogs, which will encourage adoption rates. Additionally, not only will breeders be limited to a certain number of dogs, they will also have to register all animals, making it possible to trace puppies and kittens back to wherever they came. If all of Australia were to adopt similar legislation, it would be far more difficult for breeders to subject their dogs to the cruel and abusive treatment that puppy mills are infamous for.

No animal anywhere should be bred continuously and commodified as disposable objects. Sign the petition below to urge the Australian government to adopt a nationwide ban on all puppy mills and similar operations.


Dear Assistant Minister Ruston,

A bill has passed in Victoria that requires dog breeders to limit the number of fertile female dogs they have in their possession to no more than 10. It also cracks down on pet stores and mandates that they only sell rescue cats and dogs. Combined, these efforts will effectively ban puppy mills throughout the state in a first-ever move for Australia.

Cats and dogs in far too many commercial breeding operations face years of abuse and neglect. Females are often kept continuously pregnant and are confined to tiny cages. Our companion animals deserve far better than this. I urge you to follow Victoria’s example and call for a similar ban that will apply nationwide and put an end to this unethical form of breeding throughout Australia.


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Photo Credit: Carlos Estrada

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  2. There are more than enough homeless pets in shelters that need homes! We don’t need to be breeding more! Ban all puppy mills! These dogs are tortured and abused! Save a soul that’s already here waiting!

  3. If this is what vile humans are insisting on doing to other living beings, how about we endlessly breed these certain humans instead…as FOOD for cats and dogs.

  4. Lazy, worthless humans keep this horrible practice going. People who buy the animals are just as guilty. Puppy mills need to be banned and outlawed everywhere.

  5. Puppy mills just like other forms of animal abuse whether it be factory farming, fur/leather farms, animal experimentation, animal circuses and all other’s need to come to an end!


  7. Shut these torture chambers down!!!! They are Illegal, throw them in Prison. They have Sick, mame dogs and You buy the puppies!!!supporting this!!!

  8. I agree with all above . Something needs to be done and no backyard breeding only reg breeders but limit to so many. Also desexed microchip and reg with there local council Sellers should submit all paperwork and should be compulsory and property check before buyers to take.

  9. Governments don’t want to support animal shelters. Every year million of animals are euthanized. SO fix the problem – shut down puppy mills and have pet stores offer only animals from shelters. Problem partially solved!! Why are people so stupid? Animals adopted from anywhere are at risk of not getting a good home, but at least the number of animals in shelters would be drastically reduced if we could get rid of puppy mills, not to mention the cruelty that occurs at these horrid places.

  10. This bill should be passed to ALL COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE toban puppymills!! Well done to the state of VICTORIA!! We really salute you for taking this much needed step in the right direction!!

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