End Dog Show Support of Puppy Mills


Target: Alan Kalter, Chairman of the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Goal: End support of puppy mills by redesigning the AKC membership process.

The American Kennel Club overlooks the mistreatment of animals and hyper production of dogs at puppy mills to increase its membership fees. Best known for their annual Westminster Dog Show, the AKC systematically disregards breeder violations so it can continue to celebrate purebreds at a lavish event. Demand that the Chairman of the AKC improve their inspection process to protect these commodified dogs.

Dogs competing for Best in Show at Westminster are registered with the AKC and high-volume breeders who contribute many dogs are inspected by the club.  However, it isn’t too difficult to obtain the AKC’s “Breeders of Merit” award. In 2012, a malamute breeder was found with 161 emaciated and diseased dogs on his property and was charged with 91 counts of animal cruelty despite having twice been found in compliance by an AKC inspector.

Contrary to the canine adoration presented at Westminster, the AKC has funneled thousands of dollars into anti-animal welfare legislation and opposed more than 150 laws that would stop puppy mills. The AKC considers dogs to be property and has opposed spay-and-neuter programs claiming they are “anti-dog.” To increase their bottom line, the AKC must indiscriminately expand membership and this unfortunately leads to allowing abusive puppy mills and industrially-minded breeders to persist.

Sign the petition below if you oppose the factory-farming of dogs. Tell Chairman Kalter that you demand a change to the AKC membership process to de-incentivize the industrial breeding of dogs.


Dear Mr. Kalter,

It is estimated that of the over 10,000 puppy mills in America, only fewer than 3,000 are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Your organization perpetuates these unsanctioned puppy mills by providing a purpose for their rapid production. Dogs may have owners but your relegation of them to mere property status ignores their mammalian capacity for emotion and pain.

I urge you to analyze how your club membership model incentives the mistreatment of dogs. Could there be an alternative way to raise funds for the American Kennel Club? Is it a prudent use of donated funds to lobby on behalf of the continuation of puppy mills? I, the undersigned, urge you to end your support of abusive puppy mills by redesigning the American Kennel Club membership process.


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Photo Credit: Alexia 1714 via Public Domain

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  1. Myrna Burdick says:

    The AKC is part and parcel of the puppy mill situation in America because of the MONEY they make from registering the “piss poor” specimens of dogs which are the products of these millers.

    You must really be hurting now that the millers have gone to breeding mixes.

  2. The breeders should be neutered from having any future kids. Ignorance breeds more ignorance.

  3. Cecily Colloby says:

    How can ANYONE support these hell holes????

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