Stop Slaughterhouses from Boiling Poultry Alive


Target: Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Goal: Don’t allow poultry to be slaughtered inhumanely

The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act ensures that animals are slaughtered humanely and covers animals like pigs and cows, but leaves out chickens and turkeys. The loophole in this law allows poultry companies to treat the birds terribly.

Millions of birds are boiled alive every year, according to the USDA’s own findings. After being turned upside down, having their legs shackled and being stunned by an electric stunner, they then miss the neck-slicer machine designed to kill them and end up going into boiling water, which is designed to remove feathers, alive. While the USDA looks to make sure there is no cruelty going on that could adulterate the meat, it is lax on its standards and inspectors cannot do anything to stop the abuse. The USDA also recently increased speed on the line, making it harder for workers to properly shackle the birds in time and leading to more chickens and turkeys missing the neck slicer and boiling to death.

Sir Paul McCartney said, “chickens and turkeys are arguably the most abused animals on the face of the planet.” They face an incredible amount of cruelty in the slaughterhouses from people who do not care about a living animal. Tell the USDA to make sure these animals can be safe by creating legislation that will protect them.


Dear Mr. Vilsack,

Please protect poultry. Millions of chickens and turkeys boil to death every year in slaughterhouses. Please pass legislation that will protect these birds’ welfare and keep them from a horrific fate such as being boiled to death.

Please keep these birds in mind when reforming poultry plants. By reducing cruelty, you reduce wasted meat. These birds do not deserve to die cruelly. It is our responsibility to slaughter animals humanely. Please do that for these animals.


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Photo credit: Thegreenj via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. if only these people could be treated they way they treat these poor sweet animals they might think twice about doing it n the future, but i doubt it. sicko’s

    • Christina Anderson says:

      I agree that people who abuse animals should themselves get to “experience” the same treatment they gave the animals. I seriously doubt it would cause them to change however. Just produce a lot of whining.

  2. Stan Benton says:

    How about everybody quit eating the corpses of murdered chickens. That would reduce the boiling alive?
    (While we’re at it, why don’t we quit eating lobster, for the same reason?)

    • That’s right Stan. I’m Vegan and damned proud of it. These poor excuses for human beings aren’t. They only look human, when in fact they are nothing more than vile despicable, heartless, non feeling mutants.

  3. Christina Anderson says:

    I stopped eating meat long ago. Don’t miss it and my conscience doesn’t bother me with the murder of all the living, feeling, suffering creatures treated this way by humans.

  4. Emily March says:

    No more loopholes in the law please, and have veterinary inspections as well as care!

  5. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is an obscenity. The people who do that should have it done to them. How can anyone who is descent ever treat another living breathing creature like that. Shut the bloody place down and arrest those who have done this obscenity.

  6. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    I am the Voice of the Voiceless
    Through me the dumb shall speak
    Till the world’s deaf ear be made to hear
    The wrongs of the wordless weak.
    Oh shame on the mothers of mortals
    Who do not stoop to teach
    The sorrow that lies in dear dumb eyes
    The sorrow that has no speech.
    From street, from cage, from kennel
    From stable and from zoo
    The wall of my tortured kin proclaims the sin
    Of the mighty against the frail.
    But I am my brother’s keeper …
    A good example of God’s displeasure at cruelty to animals is found in Proverbs 12:10: “The godly are concerned for the welfare of their animals, but even the kindness of the wicked is cruel.” God calls cruelty to animals wicked. Finally, God rebuked Balaam for beating his donkey, when that donkey was trying to save his life.
    “Why did you beat your donkey those three times?” the angel of the Lord demanded. “Look, I have come to block your way because you are stubbornly resisting me. Three times the donkey saw me and shied away; otherwise, I would certainly have killed you by now and spared the donkey” (Numbers 22:32-33).

    Job 12:7,8,9 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:
    12:8 Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.
    12:9 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?

  7. This is why I stopped eating meat and all poultry. I lost appetite with the thought of their suffering. There are many alternatives to replace the source of protein. Its been over 10 years now and I am healthy as I can be without those miserable meats.

  8. Sam Outhorn says:

    Horrendous treatment often awaits ‘farm animals’. This HAS to stop wherever it takes place! As to the chickens being boiled alive : not much better than Yulin then?…

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