Stop the Mass Slaughter of Reindeer Herds

Target: Jon Georg Dale, Minister of Agriculture and Food, Norway

Goal: Reverse earlier decision to cull reindeer herds over fears of overgrazing and spreading disease.

Reindeer across Norway have been killed in large numbers in an attempt to address concerns that their population has grown unmanageable. This includes herds of domesticated reindeer that form the basis of Norway’s indigenous Sami culture. Sami activists and animal welfare proponents alike are decrying this move, saying it harms both the reindeer and the people who have relied on them for centuries.

Norway, like many northern countries, has been greatly affected by climate change. The warming environment has made it easier for contagious diseases, like Chronic Wasting Disease, which is found in members of the deer family, to spread from herd to herd. Reindeer are also now able to stay in one area for longer and overgraze areas of tundra, where in the past they would have had to migrate over larger areas to find food. These two reasons combined are cited as being the basis for the cull, but it is ignoring the larger problem.

Killing reindeer in large numbers will not solve the issues of disease or overgrazing. It is simply inhumane and threatens an indigenous culture’s entire way of life. Sign the petition to tell the Norwegian government that the reindeer culls must be brought to an end.


Dear Minister Dale,

Earlier this year, your ministry called for the mass culling of reindeer herds, including those managed by traditional Sami herders who have relied on these creatures for centuries. While concerns about spreading disease and overgrazing are valid, killing these animals is inhumane and is not an effective solution. Instead, it condemns thousands of innocent living creatures to an unnecessary death and threatens the survival of the indigenous way of life.

We know that climate change has many complex effects on the environment, some of which are only now being fully understood, such as how it may impact reindeer populations and disease. We, the undersigned, ask you not to take short-sighted approaches such as this cull, but instead commit to solving the larger issues surrounding global warming that are likely behind both the disease and overgrazing issues your government has cited as concerns.


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Photo Credit: Karen Laubenstein/United States Fish and Wildlife Service

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  1. Linda Geeson says:

    So sickening. You don’t slaughter humans because there are too many. Cull your population instead of the animals. Disgusting human beings–one more step to destroying the planet. Go away!!

  2. Dear Minister Dale,
    What’s in your mind to dictate such cruel solutions? Think that you’d have to answer to God later on — remember that they are creatures of God too.

  3. Killing is never the answer! You will destroy the whole ecosystem! humans are the most destructive creatures on earth!

  4. I think it is about time humans were culled take all animal and child abusers and gas them that would make this world a lot cleaner and friendly think of the peace for all

  5. Human population increases, we don’t start culling people, what gives us the right to decide what how many animals can exist and which should live or die. Animals are not the guilty party; it’s us humans who are guilty, we are infringing on animals habitates and food. Stop killing animals because they are an inconvenience to mankinds selfish planet domination.

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