Jail Officers Who Slit Pet Dog’s Throat


Target: Anthony W. Batts, Police Commissioner of the City of Baltimore, Maryland

Goal: Fire and prosecute officers accused of brutally slitting a pet dog’s throat

Two officers are alleged to have brutally killed a pet dog named “Nala” that had gotten loose. One officer captured the dog and held it down, while the other officer used a knife to slit the dog’s throat. According to a witness, one officer stated, “I’m going to (expletive) gut this thing” and then the he threw the dog to the ground. The witness said “you could hear the dog screaming and crying in pain.” That is when the other officer pulled out a knife and slit the dog’s throat.

In response to this incredible brutality, the Baltimore Police Department merely suspended one officer from duty and placed the other officer on paid leave.

This extreme act of animal cruelty was completely uncalled for, and the relatively lenient consequences that the two officers have faced are not justifiable for the atrocious and unnecessary demise that Nala suffered.

Pet dogs get loose from their respective yards occasionally, and this issue is generally resolved by figuring out where the dog lives and guiding it home or contacting the dog’s owner. The brutal killing of Nala did not have to occur.

Please sign the petition below to demand more severe punishments for the officers involved with the brutal killing of this pet dog.


Dear Anthony W. Batts,

The brutal killing of the pet dog, Nala, was very disconcerting to read about. Dogs somehow or another run away from their respective yards occasionally, and these accidents should not lead to their deaths. Nala was a beloved pet, and the brutal death that she allegedly endured by Officers Thomas Schmidt and Jeffrey Bolger was utterly uncalled for. This act of animal cruelty must be dealt with more severe charges than simply unpaid and paid suspensions of the officers.

Animal cruelty is a serious problem, and showing leniency for these horrible acts only allows for the perpetrators of animal cruelty to gain a sense of security in terms of punishments. Please see that these officers get charged with more severe punishments for this ghastly act of animal cruelty.


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Photo credit: Sarah Gossard (Nala’s owner)

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This officer is dirty vile scum. Lock him up for eternity. If you abuse animals in any way what are you likely to do next. Save the world and lock him up.


    do these cops have kids? someone should check to see if he is abusing or torturing his kids. does he have a dog? remove it from his custody. this asshole needs to be fired and jailed. i cant believe he hasn’t been jailed and fired already, in that case fire his frickin boss too!! something has happened to police lately , i think it is lack of training but they need to be RE-TRAINED to have compassion for others including animals or they lose their frickin jobs and work in prisons where that kind of abuse is welcomed!!!

  3. “Training” will not give evil, vile scum a conscience. This is not about “training”, it is about power. They were probably bullies in school. Now they can do what they love best & do it legally. Too bad there wasn’t a sharp shooter with a high powered rifle a few hundred yards away with good aiming/shooting abilities.

  4. Marina Nemchinova says:

    And this is done by someone who swore to serve and protect? I don’t think I’d want that unstable psychopath to protect ANYONE! Who’s next? And old, senile lady that wandered away from a senior home? Will that creep calm her down by slitting her throat?

  5. WTF is up with the brutality of the law these days?? Do they think they are invincible??? I don’t care if they are the law, if they did the crime, they should pay the time! No different to any one else! Otherwise slit their throats too. A life for a life I say!
    RIP Nala….. you beautiful dog. :'(

  6. Richard and Janet Dankert says:

    More muscle flexing by the bullies in blue. It’s happening too much lately, like they’re having a pissing contest. Baltimore and Salt Lake City are tied for most brutal departments.

  7. Spero davvero e prego perche’ Qualcuno provveda a loro allo stesso modo.

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