Demand Zoo Accused of Abuse and Neglect Retire Animals to Sanctuary

Target: Kathleen Futrell, Owner of Waccatee Zoo

Goal: Retire the animals at the Waccatee Zoo to an accredited sanctuary.

Many have reported seeing countless animals suffering at a roadside zoo in South Carolina that also has a long history of violating the Animal Welfare Act. It is time this zoo shuts down and these animals move to an accredited sanctuary.

The Waccatee Zoo holds a number of animals. Throughout the years, witnesses have reported strange behaviors. Allegedly, cougars, lions, tigers, and bears have been seen excessively pacing, baboons have been seen swaying and rolling their heads, and a macaque was seen biting himself. All of these are clear signs of stress. In addition to these awful stress indicators, many of the animals reportedly struggled with physical health problems. Allegedly, a llama was seen struggling to walk, bears and monkeys had bald patches, and a goat had blood in his urine.

Sign this petition to demand the zoo owner move these animals to an accredited sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their days happy and healthy.


Dear Ms. Futrell,

For years, your zoo has been racking up Animals Welfare Act violations. Witnesses have reported seeing animals struggling to walk, animals with bald patches, and animals with blood in their urine. In addition, there have been reports of animals showing excessive stress signs like swaying, biting, and pacing.

Despite all of these issues, conditions have not seemed to improve at your zoo. It is time these animals live a happier and healthier life and that can only be achieved at an accredited sanctuary. At a sanctuary, these animals can live as close to their natural life as possible while being surrounded by friends and sunshine.

If you truly care about these animals, then you know what is best for them. Please consider retiring them to an accredited sanctuary.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Crisco 1492

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  1. They know that this zoo has to have been shut down a long time ago – what is the matter here? It shouldn’t have come to the point of a petition…..should have been closed a long time ago !!!!!

  2. Shut this zoo down now what’s wrong with the world and laws.

  3. Zoo’s, if not done properly are just another form of animal abuse. This zoo isn’t doing things properly, so we must end this.

  4. Stupid bitch, release the animals to a sanctuary once and for

  5. Kathy – If people are going to keep animals behind bars, they should, at the very least, be provided with food, clean water, and mental stimulation. You are in a position to make a difference for those in the Animal Kingdom unlucky enough to have to live their lives in these roadside zoos. Please take the time and use your power and position to do just that. Every living thing on Earth has its’ place, and a roadside zoo is no place for any animal to have to spend their life. Please!

  6. If you cannot properly care and provide for animals, let them go! Otherwise you will be an cruel, abusive murderer!

  7. Tanya Knappman says:

    Really South Carolina? ? You are allowing these idiots to abuse these innocent animals? ???

  8. Mary Harrington says:

    You heartless abuser. Got money? What a way to earn a living? How do sleep at night? Don’t you know about karma? It’s going to get worse than you could ever get the animals. And I hope it’s soon.

  9. Guy who answered the phone there, told me to “check myself into a sanctuary”…… gives you an idea, of the type of people, you are dealing with?

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