Protect Deer From Death on Busy Roads and Highways

Target: Jim Kurth, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

Goal: Keep wild deer off of the roads by restoring natural habitats.

A herd of deer committed suicide in a panic by leaping off an Iowa highway bridge, much to the shock and horror of onlookers. A speeding car was coming right toward the herd as they crossed, not bothering to slow down even as another driver advised them to. As a result, the deer leaped straight to their deaths.

This is just one of many consequences of countrywide deforestation and loss of deer habitat. For the past near-decade, the number of wild deer wandering the suburbs and the cities has grown to alarming number, and many of those deer can be found wandering or crossing the streets. Their presence on the road is dangerous to both the deer themselves and the drivers who risk hitting them with their cars. Deer habitats are at an all-time low, and this shocking animal suicide is just one more terrifying reminder.

It is too late to save these particular deer, but countless others can still be protected. We must take stronger measures to keep these animals off of the roads for the sake of everyone’s safety and protection. By providing more green areas, the animals would be drawn away from cities and busy highways. Sign this petition to demand stronger efforts at keeping wild deer safe from highways and drivers.


Dear Director Kurth,

A herd of panicked deer in Iowa recently leaped from a bridge to their deaths in front of horrified onlookers. The herd was crossing a highway at the time, startled by an oncoming car and seemingly unfamiliar with the area. This incident is just one of many consequences of the loss of deer habitat countrywide, especially where the roads are concerned.

Aside from endless efforts to stop deforestation, you must implement stronger methods of protection for the wild deer wandering the cities and suburbs after the loss of their homes. These animals need to be kept off of the roads, as their presence is risky to both the animals themselves and the drivers who risk hitting them and damaging either their cars or themselves. Furthermore, deer are prey animals who are constantly hunted by humans and other species, and the onset of hunting season likely led to this particular herd’s panic. Please ensure that an incident like this does not happen again by protecting deer from the roads.


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Photo Credit: Steven Fine

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Those poor, poor deer; they were terrified! How very sad! We MUST DO MORE to keep wild (and domestic) animals off our highways; they are SO VULNERABLE, and SOME drivers wouldn’t slow down if their OWN MOTHER was laying on the highway!!!! There are SICK people in our society who actually enjoy killing whenever an opportunity presents itself – SO PATHETIC!!!!

    • Susan Laverty says:

      Your 100% right. People are all about me me me. Their day will come. They will be the biggest crybabies too when it does.

  2. It’s not just habitat loss; deer are hunters’ favorite animals to shoot so state agencies keep deer populations at ridiculously high numbers to create profitable hunting opportunities. We need to not only reduce habitat loss for ALL species, but stop killing off the deer’s natural predators through government sanctioned trophy hunting and “killin’ contests” for prizes. We need to stop planting food plots to get them through tough winters that would otherwise result in the die-offs that regulate their populations naturally. We need to stop with the controlled burns and clear-cutting of forests to create the edge habitat deer prefer and which keeps them close to roads (even at the expense of other species in those forests), and we need to stop using the population modeling software that allows these government agencies to predict and manipulate fawn recruitment into the millions, just for money.

    Deer cause billions of dollars in damage to private citizens’ crops and vehicles, and result in hundreds of human deaths every year. It’s time to stop this pandering to the 5% of the population that hunts at the expense of the 95% that don’t. Enough!

  3. That driverneeds to be caged and beaten to a bloody pulp. POS! Take his license away for good! Does not deserve the privilege of driving!

  4. Where do you expect the animals to go when you keep destroying their homes! This land is not just for human greed! Horrible story! They save no way out! This moron needs to be punished and licence taken away!

  5. Tanya Knappman says:

    To this idiot who caused these innocent animals to die, what comes around goes around and hope that they get their due! !!!!

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