Terminate Plans to Sell Baby Elephants


Target: President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe

Goal: Stop plans to sell baby elephants to China and other nations.

Authorities from Zimbabwe are discussing plans to sell baby elephants to China and other nations to reduce the elephant population. Research and investigative work has shown that many of these elephants develop PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) when they are torn from their families. Plus, they often endure filthy conditions in capture. Tell President Robert Mugabe to stop this plan at once because it endangers the lives of baby elephants.

In the Hwange National Park, there are at least 80 baby elephants being held in the facility. Sources for National Geographic stated that 27 of these elephants will be sent to Thailand while another 60 will be sent to China. The Zimbabwe government hasn’t acknowledged whether these plans are true, but it is also likely that these trades could be delayed. The baby elephants are between the ages of two and four, and even at these ages, these elephants could be traumatized by this.

The Zimbabwe government announced that they could sell each elephant for $40,000 to $60,000 each to foreign buyers. The government’s reasoning behind this plan is to reduce the elephant population and to bring money into its national parks. Authorities also said that selling the elephants would be more ethical than killing them to thin out a herd.

However, the living conditions of these exported animals show an entirely different perspective. These baby elephants often live alone in cold, empty cages that provide little sunlight. They are not given proper care or any social interaction, and many grow up in shackles and chains.

Animal lovers demand for the end of this cruel and inhumane plan. If you believe that elephants should stay in their native country instead of being exported away, sign this petition. Tell President Robert Mugabe that this action is not ethical, and it will only create more problems instead of solving them.


Dear President Robert Mugabe,

Your government recently announced plans to sell baby elephants to foreign countries in an attempt to curb the elephant population. Need I remind you that many elephant populations are endangered or threatened? These elephants are being hunted for their tusks, reducing their numbers by staggering amounts. Now authorities wish to send these young elephants to foreign countries where they may not be properly taken care of. These elephants will only know suffering, and your government wishes to sanction this kind of cruelty?

I am vehemently opposed to this action. I demand the immediate termination of this plan as it is not ethical or humane to send a baby elephant away from its mother and herd. If such a plan was enacted on human beings, country leaders would be in uproar. Stop the mistreatment of elephants and instead focus your nation’s efforts towards saving them.


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Photo credit: Mariamichelle via Pixabay

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  1. Money for National Parks? That’s a laugh! After you removed all animals from those parks presumably? Nobody gives TWO HOOTS about any national parks in your country; the presence of so many poachers (and the sale of so much ivory) proves it. Where the money goes is another matter. – But then, elephants probably have more sense than stinking poachers and tradesmen… Or all this would not happen.

  2. Linde Ulbrich says:

    Zimbabwe’s economy has been completely destroyed under Mugabe’s leadership. All that is left to trade with is the country’s poor animals.

  3. Bloody heartless heathens, you are! If you’ve never watched baby elephants being beaten to within inches of their dear lives, strictly in order to be forced into subjugation for filthy humans’ use, you SHOULD, so it will appropriately torture your own minds FOREVER. Are you so utterly soulless that you can’t imagine what being torn away from your mother and family, and imprisoned for the rest of your life, must be and feel like?! There isn’t a written word strong enough in this world that reflects the abject horror and anguish caused to elephants and their tight-knit families due to the vile actions of human beings. These are mere BABIES, along with their MOTHERS, AUNTS AND GRANDMOTHERS, who love and care for them, that you are causing untold suffering for, for gawd sakes! Your own whole families deserve to BURN for all the evil you’re perpetrating. THEN you’d know what it felt like for these sacred elephant beings.

  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Zimbawe´s government appears not to understand the meaning of slavery. If humans have suffered from that horrible faight why is this continued to be imposed on other creatures? Would you like your children to be slaved and sent to China? To send this innocent elephants to China or any other country is simply barbaric and totally sickening.




  6. Hey president Mugabe, we will kidnap your grandchildren and sell them to babyless couple, that brings much more money !!

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