Stop Testing All Unilever Products on Animals

Unilever animal testing

Target: Unilever CEO Paul Polman

Goal: Stop animal testing of all Unilever products.

Unilever claims that most of their products are not tested on animals but most is not all. Animal testing is a vicious practice that often leads to eye irritation and death. Unilever states that their animal testing is used chiefly on cosmetic brands. Unilever has several very successful cosmetic brands such as Dove, Suave and Caress. There are alternatives to animal testing; Unilever says on their website they are working towards finding them. Their website also discusses how they do not do animal testing in their laboratories but it can be done in some of the countries their products are tested in. Even though, they are working to stop animal testing, they still allow some of their products to be tested on animals. Animals used in these cruel tests are rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats.

There are other methods to conduct cosmetic testing such as the EpiDerm test. The EpiDerm test is an in vitro test used in place of the skin irritation test done on animals. The skin irritation test is done to animals after they have had their hair removed and is used to see how their skin reacts to a substance. The skin irritation test is painful, which is why other alternatives have been developed. The EpiDerm test is a test that uses recreated human skin based on real human skin, to see how substances react to the skin.

Plenty of other trendy cosmetics brands do not use any animal testing, such as Urban Decay and The Body Shop. If Unilever becomes a cruelty-free brand they would attract a wider range of people, which could increase their sales. A cruelty-free brand is a brand that prohibits all animal testing.

Animal testing has been going on for too long and needs to stop now. Cosmetic brands should be cruelty free in order to protect animals from enduring torturous methods. Signing the petition below can help influence Unilever to stop animal testing on all of their products.


Dear Mr. Polman,

The atrocious methods of animal testing used in some of your products need to be halted immediately. Even though, you are trying to find alternative methods and discourage other countries from animal testing, you still allow it to be done. Most of your products are not all of your products. Consumers do not know what most means in terms of a percentage or number. Guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and rats are victims of these harsh tests and the after effects can lead to burning, eye irritation, extreme pain and death.

Animal testing is inhumane, which is why alternative methods were created. One alternative method is the EpiDerm test; this test is used instead of doing the skin irritation test. The skin irritation test is done when animals are shaved and have substances put in them to see how their skin will react. The EpiDerm Test uses fake human skin based on real human skin to see how substances will react on skin. Other highly popular cosmetic brands have adopted cruelty-free techniques such as Urban Decay and The Body Shop. Unilever, by becoming cruelty free, you know your practices will not endanger any animals. Unilever, another benefit to not allowing any animal testing is you may increase sales by appealing to more people.

By taking action now and halting all animal testing you are ensuring the well-being of animals. Unilever, please ban all animals testing in order to encourage more humane methods and to possibly increase your sales.


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Photo credit: Empathy for Animals

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  1. sherri foster says:

    This is easy-There are MANY OTHER BRANDS IN THE MARKET PLACE that ARE ANIMAL FRIENDLY…You will find me buying those brands!

  2. Johanna Janssen says:

    Unilever is a notorius lier ,that is why i do not buy from them and i will try to convince as many others as i can to boycot them too>

  3. Everyone in my family goes out of their way to ensure that only “cruelty free” products are purchased. No animal should ever be harmed in the name of consumer goods and profit !!!



  5. Teresa Woods says:

    This killing of all animals needs to come to a halt its wrong . God put them on this earth to enjoy to love them and for them to love us not abuse them in any manner .

  6. Janet S. Wilson says:

    I haven’t bought your products for years as I have been as diligent as I possibly can in buying cruelty free products from companies that do NO ANIMAL TESTING ON ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. It may cost a bit more at times, but I know no animal was tortured or murdered. Their lives are important to me, as is my conscience. These postings just remind me of why I make the purchasing choices I do, and will continue to do so. May God have more mercy on you than you show to these helpless creatures.

  7. Ana Cristina Cardoso Andre says:

    I have no words to this cruelty. It is immoral and sickly. Stop animal experiences.

    Ana Cristina

  8. wendy lee Williams says:

    No….to animal testing
    Stop torturing animals. Now!

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