Praise Company for Boycotting Abusive Dairy Farm


Target: Emanuele Saputo, Chairman of Saputo Inc.

Goal: Thank Saputo Inc. for refusing to process milk from a farm that was recently discovered to have been abusing its cattle

Saputo Inc., Canada’s largest dairy operation, announced that it would be leading a push for the reform of animal welfare laws on dairy farms. The company’s first step was to refuse deliveries from a farm in the town of Chilliwack, where undercover video recently showed livestock being severely abused. Thankfully, several other companies and organizations have already backed Saputo’s decision to end its relationship with the abusive dairy farm. Saputo deserves our gratitude for working to ensure that all livestock in Canada are treated with kindness.

British Columbia’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) is seeking to press charges against eight employees of Chilliwack Cattle Sales, who were fired after the animal welfare organization Mercy for Animals Canada released a video showing cattle being beaten, punched, kicked, and hit with pipes. The B.C. Milk Marketing Board also suspended milk pickup from the farm. Because of Saputo’s influence, so many dairy processors have refused deliveries from Chilliwack Cattle Sales that the board will destroy all milk from the company due to a lack of demand.

“Since Saputo learned of the animal abuse at the farm in British Columbia from which horrific images of cattle mistreatment were captured, the company has used its position as Canada’s largest milk processor to ensure the situation is being addressed and that such reprehensible behavior does not occur in the future,” said Saputo following its announcement. “Saputo has taken the lead in bringing industry stakeholders together behind a common goal: to ensure immediate consequences for those involved and enforceable legal measures to prevent future animal abuse.” The company also said that it is in full support of the BC SPCA’s recommendation to adopt the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Diary Cattle, a set of guidelines meant to ensure the proper care of farm animals, into law.

Not only has Saputo refused to process products from abusive farms, it has also influenced other dairy operations to follow suite, brought animal cruelty in dairy farms into the public eye, and initiated a discussion that could lead to dramatically improved conditions for livestock throughout Canada. Please sign the petition below and thank Saputo Inc. for its incredible effort to improve the lives of farm animals.


Dear Mr. Saputo,

After the recent release of video footage documenting eight workers at Chilliwack Cattle Sales severely abusing cattle, you not only refused to accept milk from them, you also used the tragic event as a steppingstone toward a conversation about improving animal welfare laws and living conditions for livestock. Because of your influence, several farms throughout Canada have also refused deliveries, forcing the B.C. Milk Marketing Board to destroy all milk from the Chilliwack farm.

Thank you so much for your commitment to the welfare of farm animals. They do not have the legal protection they deserve, but with all you have done to shed light on this important situation, hopefully that will soon change.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Marie Honey'Jones says:

    What will happen to the cows now if no one is buying their milk?

    The company has taken action and steps against the abuse.

    Major milk labels are refusing to accept milk products from the farm and, in a decision considered extraordinary and unprecedented in B.C

    But as part of an “unprecedented” response to the controversy surrounding Chilliwack Cattle Sales, an unknown amount of milk will be destroyed as collateral damage.

    The milk isn’t going down the drain; it is being recycled to create some amount of renewable energy. But it is still a waste. Its destruction doesn’t even the score for those abused animals. Its destruction doesn’t really benefit anyone

    Milk should be for the calves.

    • Firstly, Thank you Mr. Saputo for your marvelous action, it is greatly appreciated by those who love and care for animals. I am so please to learn of your action. May you and your business be blessed.

      Secondly, I agree with Marie’s comment of waste. It should have been sold and the funds diverted from the owner.

      Money is the most effective method of punishment in any crimes and we should increase the penalty as high as possible since this is where it hurt the most.

    • Mary your absolutely right, milk is for calves. We humans are the only species that drink milk as adults. Why?
      We don’t need milk as adults, we can get calcium and all other nutrients from milk from other sources. Most adults do not drink enough milk according to the ” guidelines ” anyways.
      Again I say, there is no reason for adults to be drinking milk, if that is the case, go suckle on your mothers breast again because that is the only milk any person has ever needed.


  3. Denise Bounous says:

    Hooray for doing the right thing. Effects on income for the abuser should hit home.

  4. Holly prince says:

    The 8 people should have their names released so they can’t work with animals. They should be charged, I also believe the owners were aware, they also need to be investigated

  5. I NEVER drink milk, I buy Rice Dream, it tastes great, naturally healthy, can be used in cereals / recipes and provides more calcium and protein per serving than dairy… NO unnatural demands of cows, and this means absolutely NO chance of abused cows. Now this really hits them all hard in the pocketbook. If you realy want to help cows, DON’T buy dairy! It’s constantly churned out day in and day out… this act alone is abusing cows, living an unnatural SAD existence. 🙁 The truth is their is no way of having proof that any dairy establishment doesn’t abuse cows, but these days it’s common knowledge. Anyone who thinks cows aren’t abused is being fooled…loaded with antibiotics, mad cow disease etc., etc. PLEASE make your time count, invest your money into dairy alternatives! 🙂

    • No one want’s cows kicked, prodded, hit with pipes ! 🙁
      They should all go to prison which is where they belong. Stop mass producing cows to keep up their Frankenstein addictions. They go as far as making clones! This is sick people, Outdated laws and all those responsible!

  6. stop eating meat and eating dairy..problem solved

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