Dog Castrated, Skinned and Brutally Killed Deserves Justice

Target: Bryce Graham Jr., District Attorney for Colbert County, Alabama

Goal: Demand that the person who killed, mutilated, and skinned a dog receive the maximum penalty by law.

A dog was mutilated and killed in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dog’s ears and testicles were cut off, and he was almost completely skinned. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

“I’ve been doing this for seven years, and this is probably one of the worst things I have ever seen,” stated Officer Anthony Wilbanks with Colbert County Animal Control. A fisherman found the 30-pound dog lying underneath a bridge near the river. Per authorities, the dog likely had been killed less than three hours before he was found. This is not the first time that canine remains have been found underneath that bridge, and police suspect that they may have a serial dog killer in the area.

Colbert County Animal Control is investigating this case as felony animal cruelty. They have asked for the public’s help in identifying the person who committed this gruesome act. Sign below and demand that the person responsible be identified, charged, and receive the maximum penalty by law.


Dear District Attorney Graham,

A dog suffered and died horrifically when he was cruelly mutilated and skinned. The dog’s testicles and ears were cut off, and he was dumped underneath a bridge like garbage. We demand justice for this poor dog.

“It takes rigor mortis about three hours to set in on a 30-pound dog, and this dog was still fresh. So it had been done recently,” stated Officer Anthony Wilbanks with Colbert County Animal Control. The dog was found dead and skinned underneath a bridge near the far eastern part of Colbert County. His ears and testicles were missing, and only the skin on his paws remained intact. This is not the first time that a dog has been found dead underneath that bridge, and authorities believe that the person responsible for this gruesome act may be responsible for the other as well. Police are investigating this case as felony animal cruelty, and they have asked the public’s help in identifying the person responsible.

This horrific cruelty must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Colbert County Animal Control

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  1. Margie Stephenson says:

    It is my belief that an individual that kills innocent animals are working their way up to be a serial killer. Therefore, this individual(s) should receive the maximum punishment for this crime. I can only imagine the horrific pain this precious animal endured.

    • Agree with your comments. No living animal deserves to be killed in such a brutal way, the police must find the evil pos and throw him in prison, its time the punishment fits the crime. Someone must know who is doing this and must report it to the authorities.

  2. I agree – anyone who could do such a gruesome and barbaric thing is definitely psychotic and will be hurting humans pretty soon. No animal deserves this.

  3. ;( I cry for poor innocent animals that are not ours to harm and inside I know that some day God is going to wipe the earth clean of these barbaric freaks that harm his creation and don’t deserve to bare the name “human”.

    • I am very angry with God because He is doing nothing, let’s evil keep going on and forgot about the ones that try to follow His rules. This kind of human garbage need to be eradicated by suffering the same and all of them should always be killed, as they are multiplying. Also since migrants, muslins and similar had come to civilization this crimes had been increasing and they can’t stand other culture and ways of living, of course the other humans are also to be transformed into islam slavers or killed, they are doing their ways, need to be stop.

  4. Susan Huckins says:

    My hands around this person’s throat, squeezing tight would be a blessing. Any person, individual or human being that could be so cruel, disgusting and totally heartless is beyond comprehension.

    This individual needs the book thrown at him/her. We are all on this earth to survive, and any individual that decides they are superior to another and treats animals with such disdain and cruelty needs sentencing to the enth degree. Please make certain this happens!

  5. Stephanie DeThomas says:

    horrifying…. serial killer.
    let justice be swift in this case… no excuse for animal abuse.

  6. These inhuman beasts must be KILLED OFF, period!

  7. Upon recently visiting this area, it was announced in the local news that two coyotes were also found by the road, having been skinned alive. The news said that there would be no charges since it was coyotes! Laws need to be changed to protect any animal from such a horrific fate! This is unconscionable and whoever is doing this to poor innocent animals needs to be found and prosecuted!

  8. Alison Scott says:

    Hope the person who did this is skinned alive and dies a long agonising death. Whatever punishment they get it will never be sufficient to equate to this hideous horrific act.

  9. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Is this horrible freak of nature loose on the streets? “It” isn’t human. Get him and treat him like the filthy garbage that he is. Maybe the cops should lay a beating on him like they do to people who have done far less. Rest in peace, little angel.

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