Stop Museum from Senselessly Killing Chicks

Target: Fabian Wesson, Chair of California Science Center Board of Directors

Goal: End the cruel baby chicks exhibit.

The California Science Center has confirmed that the baby chicks being hatched at its facility are being killed shortly after. The hatching of the baby chicks is supposed to teach the public about about life cycles, but how is killing babies teaching them anything? It is time to end this unnecessary cruelty.

These chicks are born in an incubator, which can lead to a series of deformities and sicknesses. The glass cage they live in is constantly being bombarded by children’s faces smushed against the glass and tapping fingers. After just a few days of living in this cage, the babies are euthanized so the next batch of eggs can be hatched. This cruel cycle continues with each new group of chicks.

Sign this petition and demand the California Science Center put an end to this cruel exhibit. Animals are not objects and should not be treated as such.


Dear Mr. Wesson,

Recently, it came to my attention that your museum has been using baby chicks as part of an exhibit to teach the public about life cycles. What the public doesn’t see is that only a few days after the chicks are born, they are euthanized. It is time to put an end to this unnecessary and inhumane practice.

The chicks are only alive for a few days, and these days can be excruciating. Chicks born in incubators can become sick or can even be born with deformities. For the next few, and only, days of their life, children are constantly tapping and pressing their faces against the glass, which can be extremely stressful for the chicks. The chicks are then senselessly killed.

Please consider putting an end to this inhumane and needless practice. The hatching of the chicks is supposed to teach people about life cycles, however, killing chicks at only a few days old instead teaches the public that animals should be treated as objects. There are many other ways to teach the public about life cycles that do not involve unnecessary killing.


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Photo Credit: John Donges

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  1. Holly Homayonfar says:

    You call this education? Shame on you!!! Stop this sick exhibit right now!!!!! People we need to boycott this place until they end this horrific and sick “education”!!!

  2. Mr. Weson:
    It’s about time to put an end to this unnecessary and inhumane practice.
    Please do something about it IMJEDIATELY!

  3. OMG! What is wrong with people anymore?? This is horrible and unacceptable. This is not science, it’s just plain murder of innocent babies.

  4. This is not art – or science – this is a type of genocide against nature and animals of any kind

  5. Absolutely Angry says:

    Worst educational experience for learning nothing that I’ve ever heard of! Your teaching children all animals are disposable at the cost of whatever the human decision. THIS IS WRONG, UNEDUCATIONAL, INHUMANE and just plain DISGUSTING. You need to teach children kindness and compassion in a sub human world full of greed like our worthless Trump as president displays. There has to be another solution to give these birds a quality of life, not the way the museum thinks of destroying them, their just ignorant people teaching stupidly, cut this government sponsored funding that makes zero sense!

  6. This is totally DISGUSTING! This is abuse not education!

  7. Maureen Garney says:

    This is really sick. Shut the entire place down until they change there murderous ways.

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