Urge Dairy Farm Owner to Stop Abusing Cows


Target: Jeff Kooyman, part owner of Chilliwack Cattle Sales

Goal: Call on dairy farm owners to conduct frequent, mandatory check-ins of their cows to monitor the animals’ condition and prevent abuse

A dairy farm in British Columbia has recently made headlines for its employees’ abusive treatment of cows in their care.  The employees in question have been relieved of their duties and are facing a court trial. An underlying issue, however, has yet to be addressed: the owners of the farm claim to have had no knowledge of the abuse prior to the formal allegations.

Farm animal abuse is unfortunately very common, especially in large operations which consist of many workers and thousands of animals. The least fortunate farm animals are mistreated their whole lives without any escape. This particular farm, located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, was exposed by an undercover Mercy for Animals investigator who filmed the animal abuse while working undercover at the farm. Workers were filmed beating the cows with rakes, canes and chains while shouting profanities at the poor creatures. Many of the cows suffered from open wounds caused by the abuse.

The individuals accused are awaiting trial. A popular animal advocacy organization, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), is calling for the maximum sentence for the abusers which could include up to 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine. The Mercy for Animals investigator brought the disturbing video to the owners of the farm first; after the owners failed to act the investigator took the video to the SPCA. Upon hearing the formal accusations leveled against his employees, part-owner of the farm Jeff Kooyman stated that he had no knowledge of the abuse and never witnesses lame or hurt animals while visiting.

It is unacceptable for the owner of a farm to have no knowledge of the farm’s happenings. Had the investigator not brought the issue to the SPCA’s attention it is very likely the animals would still be suffering at the hands of the employees. Urge the dairy’s owners to be more present at their farm, and to perform frequent check-ins to ensure the safety of their cows.


Dear Mr. Kooyman,

Your family’s farm recently made headlines after employees were caught on video hitting cows with chains, rakes and canes. The cows’ wounds are evidence of this abuse, though the only rescue they received was from an undercover Mercy for Animals investigator posing as another employee. You are on record stating that you and your family were unaware of the abuse. Mr. Kooyman, this ignorance is unacceptable.

This abuse must not be allowed to happen again; it tarnishes your farm’s reputation, and yours. The cows in your care deserve much better. I urge you, and any other family members involved in ownership, to be a frequent presence on your farm. Insist on frequent check-ins to ensure the animals’ well-being.


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Photo credit: Cliff via Flickr

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  1. Bernice Cullimore says:

    Twenty four hour surveillance and prosecutions for abuse must be implemented . This should cover all farms and slaughter houses , in fact any situation that involves animals should be constantly monitored

  2. Kim Oaster says:

    I too have GREAT DIFFICULTY believing that you,Mr. Cooyman had no knowledge of the abuse. Afterall it IS your business isn’t it? I know of absolutely no proprietor of a business that just hands over the entire thing to emoloyees. You sir are shameless. If you have such little concern for the animals and what goes on peerhaps they should be taken. Your ignorance of the inhumane treatment is NO excuse. Penaltties should also be given to you

  3. Amitav Dash says:

    These scumbags are actually on Change.org trying to get people to sign their petition to get Saputo to buy their milk again. They’re playing the victims and are claiming all the milk they’re producing is going to waste because Saputo refuses to buy it as per their agreement.

    Waste? Really? Why not feed it to the calves for whom it was intended in the first place?

  4. I will say what I always say. Prosecute not only the abusers, but also the plant owners every time their employees abuse animals, like Israel does. They would pay a lot more attention if their own asses were on the line.

  5. go vegan, it’s not difficult. Just defend the animals online, but walk away from consuming products that come from their torture and death. Everything is available to make the change, there are really NO excuses anymore. See this amazing link:


  6. I do not understand why they have to be so cruel these people should sent to prison but the farmer is the most to blame shameful, I hope his community shun him for his disgusting behavior he should be banned from keeping animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don’t believe for a second that the owner of this property didn’t know that his animals were being abused. This so-called family business needs to be PUT OF OF BUSINESS and the animals rescued and transported elsewhere. There is NO EXCUSE for these shameful atrocities. If it were up to me the actual abusers would get “an eye for an eye” and experience first hand what their victims experienced. In reality they may only end up with a slap on the wrist …. but in the afterlife they WILL PAY FOR THEIR ATROCITIES !!!!!!

  8. Garth Mills says:

    Mr Kooyman you are one sick useless disgrace to humanity, your family if they any integrity should hang their heads in shame, if you paid a decent living wage you would be able to employ a far better and decent class of worker than having all these useless sadistic and brutal workers, stop being greedy and get yourself a better more humane decent class of workers, then maybe you your family can hold their heads up in society, you would have been very sought after in a Nazi SS Death Camp with all your BLOODY SAVGE BRUTAL SADISTS.

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