Denounce Zoo for Unsanitary Conditions


Target: Pam Sellner, Owner of Cricket Hollow Zoo

Goal: Denounce the Cricket Hollow Zoo for forcing its animals to live in unsanitary conditions

The Cricket Hollow Zoo in Manchester, Iowa has been a part of the Sellner family for 14 years and has received numerous violations from the USDA during its years of operation. Tom and Pam Sellner, the current owners of the zoo, are facing a lawsuit with allegations of harassment and filthy living conditions.

Many of the animals kept in the Cricket Hollow Zoo are forced to live in horribly unsanitary enclosures with fencing problems. The Animal Legal Defense Fund also claims the roadside zoo is unlawfully in possession of endangered animal species such as lemurs, lions and tigers because they did not have a permit or permission from the government to legally acquire those species. It is believed that the Cricket Hollow Zoo has illegally obtained nearly 300 animals.

Despite the claims and the goal of the lawsuit to shut down the zoo, Pam Sellner only sees this issue as a minor violation. This abuse and severe negligence must cease immediately to ensure the health and well being of the animals living at Cricket Hollow Zoo. Sign this petition to denounce the Cricket Hollow Zoo for its failure to keep its animal enclosures clean and for unlawfully obtaining endangered species.


Dear Pam Sellner,

It has come to my attention that you are currently facing a lawsuit with allegations of harassment and filthy living conditions. I also understand that throughout the Cricket Hollow Zoo’s many years of operation, you have received numerous violations from the USDA.

I am seriously concerned for the welfare of the animals currently living in the your zoo. No animal should be forced to live in such horribly unsanitary conditions. Along with the zoo’s failure to maintain clean enclosures with proper fencing, it also faces allegations that claim nearly 300 animals at the zoo were illegally obtained. I hope you realize that unlawfully acquiring endangered species is a very serious issue.

I am surprised that although the lawsuit’s goal is to permanently shut down the Cricket Hollow Zoo, you still refuse to admit the claims against the zoo are anything but minor violations. Unless you want to have the Cricket Hollow Zoo taken away from you and permanently closed, I urge you to take responsibility for your negligence and immediately improve the living conditions of the animals in your care.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: S. Taheri via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rita Grahn says:

    I hope your “zoo” is closed down – soon.

  2. You’re a disgrace! If there’s a hell, hope you go to it for the disgusting way you treat animals for the sake of trying to get money. And then you try to defend your actions. People like you are sickening!

  3. They have NO permits so why haven’t they been shut down a long time ago??? This needs to stop, there are many rescues places for this mistreated animals to go to, shame on you people!

  4. The only way to “improve” these poor animal’s living conditions would be to send them to a sanctuary. Zoos are prisons for animals where they slowly go insane from being kept confined.

  5. How about a new strategy? Let’s force the owners of this so-called zoo, as well as any and all other neglectful animal abusers, to live in the same circumstances as the animals that they’ve been neglecting. At the same time, let’s also transport the actual animals to proper sanctuaries ….

  6. ZOO is not a place for wild animals they all should be in sanctuaries and well fed and cared for

  7. Ronnie Clark says:

    All zoos are inherently evil, but at least I can do something to bring another one down.

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