Demand Justice for Suffering Dog Left to Die


Target: Joseph A. McBride, Chenango County District Attorney

Goal: Demand justice for a suffering dog abandoned in the street by his owners and then refused medical attention by authorities

A Rottweiler named Rocki was suffering from bone cancer when his owners cruelly abandoned him in the street. When an kind stranger discovered him and contacted authorities, the dog warden coldly refused to help despite his responsibility to ensure any injured or suffering dogs found without an owner receive medical attention.

Rocki was discovered lying in the road in great pain and unable to move or even lift his head. He had a mass on his side that was bigger than a football. According to the unnamed man who discovered him the local sheriff’s department was immediately contacted and the Plymouth dog warden, Matt Bates, was allegedly assigned to the case but failed to arrive at the location.

Bates allegedly later told the man to take Rocki home instead of to a veterinary facility. Rocki spent four days suffering unimaginable pain at the man’s house, unable to eat or drink on his own and urinating and defecating on himself. The man’s neighbor claims Bates threatened to have them both arrested if they took Rocki to a veterinarian and refused repeated requests to come see the dying dog.

After an almost week-long ordeal, the man brought the poor animal to Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital despite Bates’ threats. Veterinary staff discovered that Rocki appeared to have a broken back in addition to his cancer. They were able to contact the owner, probably from scanning Rocki for a microchip, and allegedly discovered that Bates has a personal relationship with the woman. Hours later Rocki’s suffering was finally ended.

Demand justice for Rocki and urge the District Attorney to launch an investigation into the misconduct, neglect and abuse by Bates and Rocki’s owner.


Dear Mr. McBride,

On May 24 of this year a Rottweiler dog dying from bone cancer and a broken back was found abandoned in the streets of Plymouth. When contacted the Plymouth dog warden allegedly chose to ignore his job responsibilities and refused to help the poor animal.

When the dog was discovered he was unable to move and had a large mass on his side. According to the man who found him, dog warden Matt Bates was assigned to the case but never arrived. Bates later allegedly told the man to take the dog home and threatened to have him and his neighbor arrested if they took him to a veterinarian. They claim Bates refused repeated requests to come see the dog, who suffered for four long days unable to eat, drink, or move and continuously soiling himself.

The man finally chose to ignore Bates’ threats and brought the dog to Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital. Staff were able to contact the owner, and shortly thereafter humanely ended the poor dog’s suffering. Allegations have arisen that Bates has a personal relationship with the dog’s owner; if true this no doubt affected his decision to refuse assistance.

I urge you to launch an investigation into the misconduct, neglect and cruelty allegedly committed by Bates and the dog’s owner to ensure Bates is never again able to cause animals such suffering.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Kare Sjoholm via Flickr

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  1. Matt Bates and others like him have no business being around animals. FIRE HIM !!!!! He is a disgrace to animal lovers worldwide and doesn’t deserve the privilege of being in the position he’s in.

    Will everyone also please help me find justice for a puppy who was murdered in a running dishwasher. Thanks!

  2. ravinder singh says:

    put them behind bars for whole life.

  3. night magic says:

    disgusting how could anyone leave an animal to die is this what society has come to !!!!!!

  4. Carol Foley says:

    This man is a disgrace to his job he should be sacked and serve jail time for cruelty to an animal . Imagine the suffering the dog must have endured. This is heartbreaking.

  5. Elizabeth Aldam says:

    Shame on you who refused to see to the dog!Even in Argentina,a developing country,most vets (if not all) would have seen the dog.

  6. Imogene a Earl says:

    Unfortunately this world is full of sickos who only care about their status in life. An eye for an eye I say. They all need to be fined as much as possible and jailed for the rest of their natural lives, maybe used for science and not done humanely either.

  7. I would have risked arrest, took care of the dog and went ape shit on the scum owner and the idiot who didnt do his job…may they both rot while Rocki is RIP..wait for me Rocki cuz I love you sweetie…You can play with my past rotties and wait for me to meet.. you at the Rainbow Bridge

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