Ban Promotion of Animal Cruelty on Facebook


Target: Facebook Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Goal: Ban pages that promote animal cruelty on Facebook

While social media site Facebook does have Community Standards that dictate the content allowed on Facebook, there is currently no direct rules about pages that promote animal cruelty. These pages often slip under the radar, resulting in numerous pages promoting the pain and suffering of innocent animals. The standards must be revised to include a specific statement banning the promotion of animal cruelty.

The Facebook Community Standards currently state, “Graphic images shared for sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence have no place on our site.” However, numerous pages promoting animal cruelty have still been allowed to exist despite their obscene, violent, and sadistic nature. Events are created to encourage disgusting acts of animal abuse and graphic pictures are being posted in twisted celebration of the torture and death of animals.

As the current Community Standards statement is too general, a revision must be made immediately to prevent any content that supports or encourages animal cruelty. Clauses should be added to the “Violence and Threats” section, as well as the “Graphic Content” section of the Community Standards to include banning all forms of promotion of crimes against animals, and existing pages should be immediately removed. Urge Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to display his support of the humane treatment of animals by banning the promotion of animal cruelty on Facebook.


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

I was shocked and appalled to learn that many pages and events promoting the heinous torture and killing of animals are in existence on Facebook. Because of the general nature of the current Community Standards, these horrifying pages are somehow slipping under the radar. For the sake of countless animals worldwide, the standards should be revised to include a specific statement banning the promotion of animal cruelty.

As you know, the standards currently state that sadistic graphic images and the celebration of violence are not allowed on Facebook, but sadistic events encouraging violence against animals and graphic pictures celebrating the suffering and torture of animals are somehow being overlooked. Specific clauses referencing animal cruelty should be added to the “Violence and Threats” section and the “Graphic Content” section of the standards and existing pages promoting animal cruelty should be promptly removed. I urge you to show the world your support of the humane treatment of animals and make these revisions to ban all forms of promotion of animal cruelty on Facebook.


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Photo credit: mtstradling via Flickr

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  1. i do feel that exposes of animal cruelty should be shown along with petitions against such heinous acts..however there have been posts that are more like glorification of the abuse of animals especially when it deals with hunting and hunters..even tho the article condemns their acts..they will get pleasure out of seeing their dirty handiwork on line…more sensitive screening needs to be done..what is the true intent of showing these photos?

  2. Carol Givens says:

    I’ve seen more than trophy hunting pictures, there are FB pages proclaiming a hatred of dogs and what they do to them and how much fun these sick psychos have. Sandra Grady asks the true intent of showing these pictures. I’d venture that trophy hunting murders are something those idiots are proud of, as they murder the endangered species; like it takes a big strong man to pull a trigger, these people are COWARDS of the lowest form. People who torture and abuse companion animals are another form of COWARD, akin to pond scum; to enjoy the suffering of someone else who is powerless over you is one of the main traits of a psychopath. All these “people” should be booted off FB forever.

  3. ravinder singh says:

    facebook have become dangerous.

  4. night magic says:

    this is such a low act !! from people who call themselves human beings .I truly hope someone can stop all this abuse of animals is against the law yet why does the abuse continue

  5. I reported few times animals cruelty on Facebook and it look like it was robot anwsering back saying they could see any think that it does offence there politics on FB…Well MR suckenberg if you da have a dog and one day you will see some idiots posting picture of it being tortured or burn alive like i could have seen on FB I really wander what will your reaction about it…People posting hunting trophy from Africa where this animals are endangered you do not find it offencive…I mean in wich world are you living?? It is actuelly better to send all ours data to the NSA so they can spy on us innocents people…well done

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