Chastise Prime Minister for Advocating Whaling


Target: Japanese Prime Minister Shinto Abe

Goal: Condemn Japanese Prime Minister Shinto Abe for advocating an illegal Japanese whale hunt

Japanese Prime Minister Shinto Abe has suggested that he will advocate the resumption of Japanese whaling. The Japanese whale hunt has been suspended since the International Court of Justice ruled that the hunt was illegal last March. For years the Japanese hunted endangered whales under the false claims that they were conducting research. The decision by the international court was a hard fought victory that took years to achieve. It is important that the Japanese be prevented from resuming whale hunting. Please take action to condemn Prime Minister Abe for suggesting that the Japanese whale hunt be resumed.

For many years, Japanese whaling fleets killed thousands of endangered whales under the guise of conducting scientific research. The meat from these hunts was sold on the open market. Because the demand for whale meat in Japan has declined, it has been necessary for the government to subsidize the industry. There is currently a surplus stockpile of 5,000 tons of uneaten whale meat in Japan.

Environmental groups like Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace have fought the Japanese whaling fleet for decades. Members of Sea Shepherd have been so dedicated to the cause that they have directly intervened in the hunts, successfully saving thousands of whales from painful deaths from exploding harpoons. At long last, a court case was brought against Japan’s whale hunt by the government of Australia. The International Court of Justice in The Hague has ruled that the Japanese whale hunt is illegal and Japan should be forced to abide by its decision.

Earlier this week Japan’s fisheries department was giving away free whale meat samples to visitors at the ministry. The Prime Minister of Japan has openly advocated the resumption of Japanese commercial whaling, despite the fact that the international community has found the practice to be illegal. The government of Japan must be forced to understand that the international community will not tolerate its flagrant violation of environment laws. Please take action to condemn Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for advocating the continuation of commercial whaling.


Dear Prime Minister Shinto Abe,

Japanese whaling fleets have killed thousands of endangered whales under the guise of conducting scientific research. Finally, an international court ruled that this hunt was illegal. By advocating the continuation of the Japanese whale hunt, you are suggesting the violation of international environmental laws.

The international community will not tolerate Japan’s flagrant violation of international laws, which protect whales from commercial fishing. I urge you to retract your comments suggesting that the Japanese whale hunt continue and apologize to the international community for your brazen disrespect of International Court of Justice’s ruling.


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Photo credit: Australian Customs and Border Protection Service via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    Disgusting and barbaric

  2. Gordon Erasmuson says:

    If Japan does not ban whaling I will not buy any Japanese product. It’s up to you Japan, stop killing whales or suffer economic loss.

  3. Olivia Lofink says:

    STOP KILLING THESE MAGNIFICENT CREATURES! You claim your country has 0 crime rates, wrong!!! Killing these poor innocent souls are a CRIME!!! You’re a MURDERER!!!!

  4. you are supposed to be very intelligent people..your actually very stupid and hard headed..DO YOU NOT GET ITS ILLEGAL not to mention SICK and CRUEL???? Lets treat some of you the way you treat the whales instead! THAT I would pay to see!

  5. Stan Benton says:

    Haven’t the Japanese murdered enough whales for long enough? What is wrong with Shinto Abe? A real leader would be looking for positive actions for his country.

  6. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    Think of the future !

  7. Barbara Griffith says:

    If you want to know what the Sea Shepherd organization is planning to do if Japan thinks they can just start killing whales again please go to their website at
    They are planning on going to the Southern Ocean to make sure Japan sends no whaling ships out there. If they do it is illegal which the International Court of Justice has already told Japan that their killing whales claiming its for scientific study is illegal. So whatever Japan is planning they will be stopped.

  8. ravinder singh says:

    they don respect animals so the god does not respect them and teach them lesson in his own way.with earthquakes and tsunami.

  9. Japanese are supposed to be intelligent people.And they believe in Buddhism.It is a great irony and astonishing that how they become so cruel and barbaric in nature.They are killing huge numbers of sea animals like whales,sharks, seals even dolphins for food every day.And the government, the prime minister endorses the killing.Curse on japan.Shame…shame.

  10. Stop killing innocent animals!!! We have to protect all animals from extinction! Do the responsible thing and set a good example! Have some respect for animals and people and protect these beautiful animals.

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