Prohibit Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S.

Target: Mike Conaway, Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture

Goal: Ensure the protection of cats and dogs by passing and co-sponsoring the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act.

The battle against killing dogs and cats for their meat is hugely important and requires a strong hand of leadership from countries like the U.S., but currently, the head of the House Committee on Agriculture is preventing this. The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act, or HR 1406, is vital to this fight. The bill would forbid anyone from knowingly transporting, receiving, possessing, purchasing, selling or donating a dog or cat, or dog or cat parts, to be slaughtered or used for human consumption.

However, this important measure cannot even be considered to be signed into law without the approval of Committee Chairman Conaway, who inhumanely opposes it. The bill would not only protect dogs and cats in America, but would help combat the rampant dog meat trade in Asia by removing the U.S. as a source of imports and exports, and by setting an example of humanity and compassion. Sign below to demand that Chairman Conaway stop blocking this bill, and instead review, pass, and co-sponsor it, allowing it to move to the House floor for a vote.


Dear Chairman Conaway,

Human consumption of cat and dog meat is unacceptable and must not be allowed to stand. Not only must dogs and cats in America be protected, but the U.S. must help combat this cruel and brutal practice around the world by setting an example of humanity, and by refusing to engage in the dog meat trade of Asia or any other country.

HR 1406, the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act, is critical to this fight. It is vital to allow this bill to be brought to the floor for a vote. I urge you to mark up, pass, and co-sponsor HR 1406 and fight for the protection of innocent dogs and cats.


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Photo Credit: Gerhard Gellinger

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  1. It’s bad enough trying to fight the Asian countries on this, it shouldn’t even be an issue here in the United States. This world of heartless human scum is getting so out of hand.

  2. Margaret Melnick says:

    I can’t believe the US or any other civilized Country would allow dog or cat meat to be traded. What the hell is this so called civilized world coming to?

  3. It’s because we welcome everyone to enter the United States. Their beliefs are so different from us, they try to change our religion, eat chicks from eggs, change what we say or due. We need to put our foot down and reclaim what’s ours.

  4. Nooshin Perla says:

    What kind of sick loser will kill cats and dogs to eat, it is bad and nasty enough they kill farm animals. These MORONS are EVILS and MURDERER. They do NOT belong to this planet! I wish we could get red of all of them!!!!!!DAMN THEM!

  5. Cherie Combes says:

    Was actually sent this information yesterday from another petitioner while viewing videos of Dog Meat Slaughter Houses in South Korea and signing those, as well as writing letters opposing this horrendous practice; you can imagine how shocked I was to learn that not only is there a pending bill on this issue, but that it is for here-in the United States!
    For the fact that dogs and cats are companion animals, not livestock, but that is under the Committee of Agriculture is an oxymoron, which makes the good Chairman Conaway who opposes H.R. 1406 a moron!
    As an American, it is the number of fair and ethical examples we set which makes us a world leader, including Democracy-This IS OUR POWER!
    How can I continue to seek justice for the helpless on all levels in other countries when it is legal in my own backyard?
    How very embarrassing as a person first and then as an American?!

  6. I can’t believe this is even an issue here in the U.S.! The problem is that we let all of these people from these dog/cat eating countries over here and they do not conform to our ways, like they should. They think that they should have the right to do whatever they did in their country over here. Well, too bad. If they don’t like it, they can leave. This should NEVER be an issue EVER. Screw these sick, twisted, heartless people.

  7. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    Barbaric, primitive, sneaky, cowardly, and superfluous murders of the poor animals .

  8. Ruth Marie Rusch says:

    Dear Mr Conaway:
    As Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, why are you blocking passage of the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act HR 1406? We don’t eat dogs and cats here in the United States, or didn’t you know that? By blocking passage of HR 1406, are you saying that it’s ok to eat dogs and cats? Are you saying that it’s ok to trade or otherwise conduct business in dog and cat meat consumption? Are you trying to promote – or protect – the dog and cat meat for consumption business??

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