Demand PETA Stop Euthanizing Shelter Animals

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Target: PETA president Ingrid Newkirk

Goal: Stop euthanizing animals at PETA shelters.

PETA, one of the largest animal rights groups in the world, is constantly slamming other organizations for their treatment of animals. However, it was recently reported that one of PETA’s animal shelters located in Norfolk, Virginia euthanized around 84 percent of its cats and 68 percent of its dogs. It doesn’t seem logical that a group dedicated to the fair treatment of animals is committing mass murder of animals it’s supposed to protect and find homes for. The majority of these pets were brought in voluntarily by owners who probably had no idea there was such a high chance that their poor animal would be killed rather than found a new home with someone who could care for it.

PETA makes millions of dollars from donors and merchandise sales, so much that the organization actually still had a budget surplus after expenses last year. So this certainly leaves a question of why it was necessary to execute over 2,000 shelter animals at one shelter alone. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reported the statewide euthanasia rates for shelter and rescue groups as 38.5 percent for cats and 17.5 percent for dogs, far below the percentages of the PETA shelter. Most of these shelters, if any, do not have the kind of budget that PETA does, so murdering these animals is inexcusable.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk claims euthanizing is necessary and says the blame is not on the organization, but on the owners who abandon their pets. This claim is completely invalid seeing that other shelters are not having the same issue as a million-dollar company like PETA. Demand Newkirk and PETA be held accountable for their sickening actions and demand PETA behave like an animal rights organization should.


Dear Ingrid Newkirk,

It was recently reported that one of your organization’s animal shelters in Norfolk, Virginia euthanized 84 percent of its cats and 68 percent of its dogs. Most of these pets were brought in by owners who probably had no idea your shelter would murder their poor animal rather than find a new home with someone who could care for it like it’s supposed to.

Your organization takes in millions of dollars, so it doesn’t make sense that it was necessary to execute over 2,000 of its shelter animals at one shelter alone. The statewide euthanasia rates for shelter and rescue groups in Virginia are way below the percentages of the PETA shelter. These shelters manage to do this with a budget far below PETA’s so this mass euthanasia is inexcusable. Start living up to your supposed values and stop euthanizing your shelter animals.


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  1. Have you seen Peta headquarters – it is a huge modern building. I stopped giving to PETA after that, since their priorities are screwed. Donations should not be going to fancy buildings.

  2. Shame on you PETA . Are you in this just to make money ???

  3. After being lectured about what conditions are necessary for a polar bear to thrive, I was informed in the same email that PETA didn’t have the resources to help Yupi – who is languishing in a Mexican zoo.

    First of all, Sam Simon was pumping millions into their organization even before he passed, and included their (dare I say it?) “charity” in his will.

    Secondly, a sanctuary in England had already raised the majority of money needed to build another polar bear enclosure (two males should not be together) and for his transport.

    I was also told by PETA (same email) that Mexico hadn’t broken any laws. Since when did THAT ever matter? It didn’t stop them from pleading with the Canadian government to stop clubbing baby seals, or from buying a chinchilla farm.

    Because PETA has ignored my plea to get involved against all of these monkey breeding operations in Hendry County, FL, I sincerely believe that they cherry-pick their projects based upon whether or not there are other animal advocates already fighting for the cause. In other words: if they can’t be the headliner/grab the spotlight – thereby gaining the lion’s share of donations – they couldn’t care less about an abusive situation, and they ain’t gonna participate in promoting any positive change.

    In this regard, since they are also exploiting animals for profit, they aren’t much better than ‘the other side.’

  4. Muriel Angus-Shaw says:

    After reading this petition, I will be cancelling my monthly direct debit to this organisation. I am horrified to learn of this duplicity!!

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