Punish Man Accused of Biting Dog’s Eye Out

Target: Madeline Singas, District Attorney for Nassau County, New York

Goal: Demand that a man who allegedly bit out a dog’s eye receive the maximum penalty by law.

A man from Long Island, New York is accused of having tortured his parents’ 3-year-old Shih Tzu, named Chloe. When his parents discovered the animal, she was found with her right eye completely removed from its socket. After Chloe was rushed to the vet for emergency reattachment surgery, they discovered that their 20-year-old son, Aaron Kluger, had allegedly bitten out the dog’s eye while he was ‘playing’ with her.

While Chloe’s eye was saved due to her owners’ quick actions, the apparent cause for her gruesome injury is disturbing. Kluger has been arrested on charges including animal torture, even though he claims that the incident was completely accidental. Those close to him, however, allege that he had physically bitten the dog so hard that the eye popped out of its socket. This case is so unthinkably cruel and bizarre that Gary George of the Nassau County SPCA commented, “I don’t like to say I’ve seen it all, because I haven’t. Every time I think that, we just see something new we shake our heads at.”

We must demand justice for this innocent dog. Sign the petition below and demand that officials severely punish this man if he is found guilty.


Dear District Attorney Singas,

A small dog’s eye was reportedly bitten out of its socket after the animal was apparently tortured. The dog, named Chloe, belongs to the parents of Aaron Kluger, a man from Long Island, who allegedly bit the dog. Kluger claims that he was ‘playing’ with the animal, but it seems likely that some form of cruelty was involved to result in such a horrific injury.

We, the undersigned, demand justice for this innocent dog. Please ensure that Kluger receives the maximum sentence possible and that he is banned from owning animals in the future if he is found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Police

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  1. Loser is a Psycho and the parents know it. An eye for an eye, literally or in his case both then hopefully he can’t abuse any more animals. Throw away the key.

    • Nancy Bernard says:

      This young man needs help! I hope his parents aren’t ignoring this, as it is a sure sign that he will continue to react like this until he is under control. I feel so sorry for the dog, I hope it is taken away and given a chance to live his life out without fear of abuse!

    • Sorry for the parents but he’s obviously a psycho – no place for this person in society. Probably not first or last incident?

  2. Cut off the psychos balls to teach him a lesson

  3. He doesn’t need help…he needs to be beaten to death …these sick bastard will not stop untill there is fear of real justice not petitions and ignored laws bit fear that someone will drag them out of their bed in the middle of the night and beat them almost dead …if it has to be fear that is used instead of decency to do the right thing then so be it

  4. This 20-year old DOES know right from wrong – he is old enough – he should be tried in a court of law as such. No excuses for his utterly barbaric behaviour. 🙁

  5. JORGE B. LESCANO says:

    Punish this bastard! Justice for Chloe!.

  6. Jeffrey Martin says:

    Life in prison sounds about right to me.

  7. I am sick of hearing about animal abuse if there were more severe punishments for abusers it might put some of these morons off. Then there are the ones who are just psychos who I would like to deal with. They are monsters who should be removed from society, permanently.

  8. Yvonne Calderon says:

    This Man is sick I would tell the Judge to have all this guys teeth removed, but I’m sure he’ll fine another way to torture. He needs some jail time to see if he straightens
    out and if he doesn’t lock him up and throw the key away.

  9. christine warman says:

    Yet another vile savage on the loose,I just hope somewhere along the line that heap of rubbish gets the same treatment he likes to give out to tiny dogs,pathetic little wimp.

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