End Cruel Bullfighting Shows

Bullfighting in Madrid

Target: Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Goal: Ban the cruel practice of bullfighting in Mexico.

Bullfighting still takes place in many areas of Mexico, despite widespread disgust over the practice. Bullfighting traditionally consists of a matador, who enters the ring to much fanfare, before slaughtering a bull with several jagged instruments. Crowds of people will pay money to watch these events, and they cheer the matador on as the bull dies a painful death. For some reason, people find it amusing to watch an innocent animal be stabbed and tortured, until it bleeds to death or dies from shock and exhaustion. This sort of behavior is a textbook signal of psychopathy, and should be explicitly denounced by world leaders. Demand that the vile sport of bullfighting be immediately banned in Mexico.

PETA reports that about 10,000 bulls die every year as a result of bullfighting. The use of the word “bullfight” is really a misnomer, since the matador has such a huge advantage over the bull, which has often been abused, both physically and psychologically. According to the Humane Society, bulls are generally amicable creatures. There is no reason why such indefensible cruelty should be taking place in the 21st century. It may have been something our ancestors found amusing, but in this modern time, we know better.

Proponents of bullfighting claim that it shouldn’t be stopped since it is part of the culture of many countries. But why should this make it inherently acceptable? One could argue that many nasty practices such as dog-fighting are cultural phenomena, but it hardly makes them morally acceptable.

Please sign this petition to let Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto know that you would like to see him push for legislation that would place a nationwide ban on this abhorrent practice.


Dear President Enrique Peña Nieto,

I would like to see the practice of bullfighting completely abolished from Mexican culture. I find it concerning that a crowd of sadistic spectators can legally watch the public slaughter of an innocent animal. While I commend the ban that has been made in the Mexican state of Sonora, I believe that there is still much work that needs to be done.

Public disgust against bullfighting has been on the rise, and I feel that it would be in the best interest of Mexico to denounce the practice. It is an inhumane event that inflicts terrible cruelty upon an innocent animal. How can it possibly be amusing to see such pain inflicted upon a conscious creature? Mexico should prove itself to be above such barbarity by finally banning bullfighting nationwide.


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Photo credit: George M. Groutas via Flickr

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  1. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    I can’t understand how the suffering of an animal can be considered entertaining. This is sick and barbaric. How can a country have moral progress when it treat animals in such horrific ways.

  2. Karen Remnant says:

    Killing animals is not entertainment!!

  3. “greatness and moral progress of a nation can be judged by how it treats animals”-MAHATMA GANDHI

  4. Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    How anyone with a brain can possibly think torturing another creature and then murdering is entertainment
    is beyond me. This is 2015 and they’re still doing
    this? What absolutely despicable countries do you
    live in???

  5. What a sick form of entertainment. As civilizations, we are not any better than the ancient Romans. But don’t forget France, they have kill shows too. So much for being sophisticated. Humans are a sick lot.

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