Punish Man Accused of Cutting Off Kittens’ Tails With Scissors

Target: Brad King, District Attorney for Marion County, Florida

Goal: Demand that the man who allegedly cut five kittens’ tails off as an act of revenge receive the maximum penalty by law.

Five kittens reportedly had their tails cut off with a pair of garden scissors in a horrific act of abuse. The suspect allegedly committed this cruelty as revenge against his neighbor, who owned the kittens. Demand justice for these innocent kittens.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested 68-year-old James Steele Reid after he reportedly cut the tails off of his neighbor’s kittens. Per a witness, Reid grabbed a pair of garden scissors and some iodine before telling his coworker of his plan to cut the kittens’ tails off.  The witness also reported seeing Reid exit the barn with the tails in his hands. Per a coworkers account, Reid stated that he wanted his neighbor to “look at those cats and think of him” after he and the neighbor had a verbal altercation.

The kittens’ condition is unreported. Reid has been charged with animal cruelty and he has posted bond. Sign below and demand that Reid receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney King,

Five four-week-old kittens reportedly had their tails amputated in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect reportedly got into an argument with the kittens’ owner and stated that he wanted the owner to “look at those cats and think of him.” We demand justice for these poor kittens.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office charged James Steele Reid with animal cruelty after he allegedly cut the tails off of five kittens. Per a witness, Reid entered the barn with a pair of garden scissors and iodine and later exited the barn holding five tails. A coworker told deputies that Reid and the kittens’ owner had a verbal altercation not long before the amputation. Police reports showed that anesthetic was not used during the amputation and the wounds were not stitched afterwards.

This horrific cruelty must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office

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  2. What a sadistic bastard!!

  3. God, keep me away from this MF ’cause I Will cut off its pinga w those same sciccors.SCUM BAG!!!!

  4. Laura Strobel Fross says:

    The neighbor needs to go over & beat the shit out of this SCUMBAG & cut his pinky finger off, so everytime he looks at his hand – HE WILL REMEMBER HIM!!! Trash like him, just need to be TAKEN OUT!!!

  5. OMG this makes me so sick and so mad. This son of a bitch needs to get his just reward by cutting every finger and his worthless dick from his scum bag body. God, what is wrong with people. This asshole needs to have his picture published in the paper so people can avenge these kittens inhumane treatment. I hope he rots in hell! Dammit! And by the way, where were the owners of these kittens when this was happening?

    • Exactly Joyce. I was thinking the same thing. Besides, why was kittens left alone unattended outside where someone could grab them anyway? I will never ever understand why in this day and age people will leave animals unattended to fend for themselves even though they owned them and claim they love them but they will let them go out and wander around.. forgetting or neglecting to think that we have psychopath and insane no good worthless pieces of trash wandering around looking for an engaging and violent Behavior. And then we have courts that won’t strongly punish offenders for what they do to animals and I am so damn sick and tired of hearing all of the violence that animals have to endure because of no good pieces of trash.

  6. JORGE B. LESCANO says:

    Punish this bastard! Justice for kittens!

  7. Another PSYCHO on the loose — think about it — the idiot is INSANE — he MUST be arrested & PAY for his irrational & merciless crime — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — Reid’s depraved indifference to the suffering of these kitties is telling of unconscionable, cruel, insane, immoral, cowardly merciless human — PUNISHMENT & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE!! — Imbecile-Reid must be penalized severely — 5 years in prison is a good start — along with a hefty fine of, let’s say, $10K — next time, the idiot-Reid will think twice (that’s assuming he has a working brain and/or mind) — WHY would a rational & compassionate society allow these imbeciles to get away with their brutality — clearly, they are a danger to us all! — We do NOT want repeats of these crimes!– SHAME ON YOU monster-Reid for brutally persecuting animals — YOU psychos MAKE ME SICK!

  8. This sadistic,evil,person must be punished to the fullest extent of the law…..a slap on the wrist WILL NOT DO!!!!!

  9. Patricia Kat Wrangler Welch says:

    Only a psycho does something like this.
    Just take this piece of trash out.

    I hope these sweet innocent kittens can get loving, caring homes.
    Any news on that?

  10. Cut his tiny dick off and make him eat it then KILL him!!!!!

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