Shut Down Company Accused of Torturing and Drowning Live Animals

Target: Sonny Perdue, United States Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Close down facility accused of killing animals in slow and inhumane ways.

According to an undercover video released by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a Minnesota-based dissection supplier allegedly drowned living pigeons and injected live crayfish with latex, among other abusive practices. Workers also allegedly stated that they placed living turtles in freezers and claimed that animals at the warehouse were killed slowly and tortuously. We must demand justice for these innocent animals who have been killed to supply schools with unnecessary dissection specimens.

The company in question, Bio Corp, claims that it has followed all existing laws and regulations, but this does not appear to be the case. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, killing animals by drowning is inhumane and unacceptable. Furthermore, Minnesota law requires that all forms of animal euthanasia be done without causing any unnecessary pain or suffering. Veterinarians estimate that it may have taken upwards of 10 minutes for the pigeons shown in the video to struggle while remaining fully conscious underwater before they died.

These sickening practices must not be tolerated. Animal dissections in classrooms are an obsolete practice, with many virtual alternatives available. Sign this petition and demand that this company be shut down for its cruel and illegal practices.


Dear Secretary Perdue,

Bio Corp, a Minnesota-based dissection supplier, stands accused of slowly torturing live animals to death to provide specimens for schools. As shown in a recent undercover video, pigeons appear to be routinely drowned while still living, and crayfish are injected with latex. Workers also claim that when frozen shipments of turtles reach them, they refreeze any survivors. All of these alleged acts subject animals to unnecessary pain and suffering and must be condemned.

Dissection in the classroom is an outdated means of teaching biology to students. Rather than supporting unethical suppliers, virtual dissection models should be encouraged. We urge you to do the right thing on behalf of these animals and ensure that this facility is permanently shut down.


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Photo Credit: Brad Beatti

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  1. Why have humans become so inhumane? Has everyone gone completely mad? This is very sick and disturbing! Shut down the place and lock them all up! Disgusting behavior!

  2. Outdated, unnecessary, inhumane

  3. Sometimes I wonder why some “humans” can be so inhumane to other beings, including animals. These “humans” need to go away, the world would be better off.

  4. Jennifer Day says:


  5. Rose Coffey` says:

    I hope Bio Corp gets shut down. USDA please step in and eliminate this industry – we don’t need companies like that in this country or anywhere else.

  6. This is very disturbing that this sort of thing is still going on in this day and age. Extremely outdated, while virtual models are now preferred, Bio corp use cruel methods of killing these creatures resulting in prolonged, horrible deaths and should be closed down. Primitive and unnecessary, it is a total disgrace.

  7. Shut the place down and hang the freaks who abused the animals.

  8. Humans have become so evil, vile and disgusting to the innocent animals. I hope there is a hell for animal abusers.


  10. Why a civilized country like the USA need companies like Bio Corp.? – please revoke its operating license forever, after a fine is assigned to be paid by them

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