Applaud Termination of Abusive Slaughterhouse Workers


Target: Jamie Foster, Representative for Bowood Lamb Abbatoir

Goal: Praise slaughterhouse for firing and suspending employees engaging in animal cruelty.

Several employees involved in animal abuse at a Halal sheep slaughterhouse have been suspended or terminated in connection with an animal cruelty investigation. Video taken in the Bowood Lamb abattoir revealed gross misconduct, including employees taunting and frightening the animals, kicking them in the head, and dragging them by their ears, limbs, and fleeces. It showed staff standing and bouncing on the necks of live sheep as the animals cried out in pain.

An employee responsible for slaughtering the animals was shown sawing and hacking the necks of conscious sheep with a dull tool. Others stood around and laughed maniacally as one sheep with glasses drawn on its face in paint bled to death. The employees regularly made a spectacle of the slaughter, seemingly thrilled with the gruesome scenes.

While UK law requires all animals to be stunned before death, exceptions are made for religious requirements such as kosher and halal diets. Halal slaughter requires an animal to be conscious, but be killed instantly with one passing of a surgically-sharp blade on its throat. Halal meats also require that the animal does not see the blade before it is killed, and that it doesn’t witness other animals being slaughtered.

Particularly since there are special requirements and exceptions for Halal slaughter, it is important that the industry be monitored closely. A zero-tolerance policy for cruelty is imperative to ensure that all employees adhere to standards. Sign the petition below to commend the termination and suspension of employees who knowingly made a mockery of Halal practices.


Dear Mr. Jamie Foster,

Several employees have been fired or suspended after an undercover investigation at Bowood Lamb Abbatoir revealed gross misconduct. A video obtained on the premises shows workers engaging in intentional animal cruelty in direct breach of Halal slaughter practices. Staff were also seen creating a spectacle of the abuse and improper slaughter of the animals, including painting the faces of animals and laughing as they bled out.

It is important that all slaughterhouse employees adhere to the rules, particularly in a facility with different standards from the rest of the meat industry. In the future, additional oversight and supervision of slaughterhouse practices can help prevent these shocking acts of cruelty. We, the undersigned, applaud the termination and suspension of employees involved in misconduct and ask that you implement further protections to ensure halal standards are being kept.


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Photo credit: Agricultural Research Service via Public Domain

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    Hope these bastards die a painful and long drawn out death…

  2. Cecily Colloby says:

    What the HELL are we doing allowing these animals to be so cruelly slaughtered. Halal or Kosher, this is ENGLAND for God’s sake!!! Why are our Govt so bloody pathetic in allowing this when it’s so obvously cruel. Why are they so terrified of “offending” someone elses ghastly traditions??? Anyone who chooses to live here should abide by OUR rules or go elsewhere. What a feeble and pathetic nation we have become…

  3. Cecily Colloby….ditto. Enough said


  5. Low life POS should be treated the same way and nothing less. How can any one be so cruel and live with themselves?

  6. i hope he got more that just losing his job, like being treated the same way he treated these poor helpless creatures, evil scum

  7. I’m not signing this, because “suspension or termination” is by NO means enough of a punishment to fit their crimes, and Halal practices are, IN REALITY, far MORE brutal than standard, western slaughterhouse practices. I researched Halal standards and was sickened beyond measure! (and everyone should do the same!) As far as I’m concerned, you can take your stupid, religious beliefs from hundreds of years ago – beliefs that cause enormous suffering for animals – and go live on an asteroid instead!

  8. Gone are the days of the skilled workers, killing Animals quickly….. Now the only things hired to work on farms, slaughterhouses, sale yards etc, anywhere that involves slaughtering Animals for food or whatever, ALL that is hired to do this blood thirsty jobs is CRIMINALS, PRISONERS, EX CONS, SCUM OUT ON BAIL, ANYTHING CRIMINAL, UNEDUCATED FUCKWITS THAT CAN’T READ OR WRITE, THESE ARE THE MONSTERS IN THESE JOBS!!!! Authorities, Bosses all don’t give a shit because its just Animals & Animals can’t talk or defend themselves UNTIL this DISGUSTING ATTITUDE TOWARDS ANIMALS CHANGES, this HORRENDOUS CRUELTY WILL NEVER STOP. Not to mention these monsters ENJOY inflicting pain and sufferring on Animals & what makes it worse is the fact that they are being PAID TO TORTURE ANIMALS TO DEATH. THESE scum will get another job at another abattoir cause thats the only places where they can get a job!!!!
    If ONLY we could do what we wanted to these rotten filthy evil scum & get away with it

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