Applaud Charges Against Men Who Mutilated Llama


Target: Eddie Cathey, Sheriff, Union County, North Carolina

Goal: Praise police who apprehended and charged three men in connection with the stabbing and dismemberment of a live animal.

Police have laid charges against three men accused of brutally attacking a llama on a North Carolina farm. The men, who were intoxicated at the time, wandered onto the farm and tried to ride the 300 lb animal. According to authorities, the three men chased the llama, named Mighty,  away from the rest of the animals. Once it was alone, the men surrounded the creature and began to ride it before stabbing it. They then took the time to cut its corpse in half with small blades before throwing each half of the corpse in a separate location.

When Borderline Farms owner Tammy Limer called to report the crime, police quickly tracked down the men responsible. The barbaric killing had covered the men in such a large amount of blood that it left a visible path all the way back to their location. The three men face one count each of breaking and entering, larceny, trespassing and felony cruelty to animals.

Under North Carolina’s recently increased maximum sentence for felony cruelty to animals, the men could face up to ten months in prison. Since the state’s punishments for breaking and entering become much more severe if the breaking and entering lead to the commission of a felony, the men could face an additional 4-25 years in prison.

This sort of crime is particularly shocking and gruesome, and has affected not only the farm animals, who now stay away from the back area where Mighty was taken, but the entire community. Sign the petition below to thank the police for finding and charging the offenders.


Dear Sheriff Eddie Cathey,

Three men were recently apprehended by police in connection with the shocking stabbing and mutilation of a llama. The men chased the creature away from the rest of the animals before trying to ride it and eventually stabbing it. They then took the time to cut the corpse in half and scatter the gore throughout the farm.

Intentionally cruel and malicious crimes like these are alarming to the entire community, and should be punished accordingly. By charging the men with felony animal cruelty, the maximum possible sentence was increased. We, the undersigned, commend your department’s quick work to find and charge those responsible for this brutal crime.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Johann “nojhan” Dréo via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    I hope that this horrible monsters are sent to jail for many many years and that on top of that they pay in other ways what they did to this innocent and beautiful animal.

  2. Karen Remnant says:

    Shoot them, save the taxpayers money, they are of no use in this world!

  3. Please treat them like the #@$%! they are and give them the max sentence possible. Drunk or not, it takes a cruel and savage individual to do this to a living creature. We do not need their kind in a civilized society, Good riddance….

  4. Idont need to say much.Molly Brown and Ken Keim said it for me.I’ve only one thing left to say.I hope the BASTARDS rot in hell.

  5. They butchered this animal alive is what happened, this is the same thing that has happened in Florida for the past few years. I believe they only caught one or two of the bastards that killed the horses. Large chunks of meat was cut off of the horses probably while they were still alive.
    The owner of the Llama had every right to shoot all three crazies if they had caught them committing this heinous act I doubt that anyone would have hesitated for a second in pulling the trigger.

  6. this broke my heart how is our race capable of doing this again and again .im glad there are better laws in place these torturers who did this to such a gentle animal need to face up to their crimes !!! Animal abuse needs to stop and the punishment for it should be alot more years in so many states but what these torturers got is what they deserve and more

  7. They are not people. Sorry pieces of shit!

  8. They will get barely any punishment. The law doesn’t care about animal cruelty much. This crap goes on every day at slaughterhouses and lawmakers make ag-gag laws to allow the illegal brutality to continue away from the public eye. I am glad the Law caught these maggots, but I have little hope there will be justice.

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