Stop Landlords from Discriminating Against Dogs Based on Breed

Pit Bull

Target: Rep. Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the New York State Assembly

Goal: Prohibit landlords from unfairly discriminating against dogs based on breed

Many dogs owners with pit bulls or similar breeds have an extremely hard time finding housing in New York. Countless landlords unfairly deny applicants based solely on the appearance of their dog, resulting in high numbers of dogs being surrendered to shelters where they face an almost certain death. Urge government representatives to support proposed legislation that would prohibit breed discrimination by landlords.

Pit bulls and similar breeds have been victims of widespread discrimination for far too long. They are unfairly judged by landlords based on their appearance rather than their temperament and personality, making it nearly impossible for owners to find housing. While some owners are able to keep their dogs until housing can be found, many feel they have no choice but to surrender their beloved pets to overcrowded animal shelters where pit bulls have extremely low adoption rates and face an almost certain death.

Assembly Bill 6949 would outlaw breed discrimination in housing, forcing landlords to fairly judge applicants with dogs based on the pet’s behavior rather than appearance. Not only would this bill make it easier for New York dog owners with pit bulls to find housing, it would also help keep owners and their pets together, potentially lowering shelter intake and kill rates. Urge state representatives to take a step toward ending breeding discrimination altogether by outlawing it in housing.


Dear Mr. Silver,

It is extremely difficult for dog owners with well-behaved pit bulls or similar breeds to find housing in New York. Currently, it is legal for landlords to deny applicants because of the way their dog looks rather than its behavior and temperament, forcing many dog owners to surrender their beloved pets to overcrowded shelters where they will likely be killed. I urge you to support proposed legislation that would outlaw such actions.

Assembly Bill 6949 would prohibit breed discrimination in housing and require landlords to judge applicants’ dogs based on their behavior rather than their breed. The bill would make it far less difficult for New York dog owners to find housing, and could also lower animal shelter intake and kill rates by keeping pets and their owners together. I urge you to show compassion for well-behaved family pets and their owners by supporting A.B. 6949.


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  1. A. AHern says:

    Because many young teens prefer pit bulls for the wrong
    reasons and dont know how to treat them properly, I cannot
    support this petition.

    • Seriously A.AHern?You do know that most “young teens”(Age Discrimination)normally aren’t rented to due to the fact they are young so by not signing your preventing more harm then good?This is for all home owners/renters present and future not the minority that you put in your statement.Also if you look at most dog fighting operations it’s not young teens running the show and more often then not it’s adults that are there being arrested not young teens.I bet if this was for another “non aggressive” breed your view would be different….shameful :/

    • Cindy Rockhill says:

      Really. My son adopted my grandpuppy purely to adopt a sweet dog and she’s a pit bull. She is a wonderful dog and lives in an apartment complex with many other pits and other breed. They play together. She also plays well with my two Boston terriers. Hats off to my sons landlord.

  2. Dawn Doma says:

    Discrimination is very shameful and has no place in 2014 against human beings or animal beings. Humanity has come far enough to know this by now. But it seems old biases, hatreds and discrimination is not dead and buried…Sad indeed!

  3. I agree. I don’t think it’s fair that landlords and owners are discriminating against these breeds. There are video of a pit named “Ellie” that is used as therapy dog in retirement homes & element ry school. It limits where people can live & as to what breed of service dogs we can have. We need to stop it.

  4. I have wanted to get a service dog. I am medically & somewhat physically disabled and I want a pit. I’ve had pit mixes before and I found them to be the most wonderful breed I’ve ever had. But besause of where I live, I can’t have one. NO pits allowed. Buts it’s not the manager saying NO. It’s the owners of the park saying NO. They don’t even live in the same state as the park. They are known as out of state owners. Sometimes the only reason the lanlords, managers & owners say NO to these breeds is because if they allow these breeds to live there, then the insurance companies say” we’re not going to insure u as long as you let these breeds live at the place you want to insure.” So I blame the insurance companies also.

  5. I have an ESA that is a pitbull and my landlady has threatend to kick me out if I bring him home again

  6. It’s not the animal it’s the owner

  7. DO YOUR RESEARCH – before you comment on this petition, supporting or not supporting, please educate yourself. By educating I mean off credible sites, not sites where people spit out their opinions and act like they’re facts. First off – PITBULLS WERE NOT BRED TO KILL OTHER DOGS. Research (again, from a credible site) why Pitbulls were bred/created. Second – it is PROVEN Pitbulls don’t have the hardest bite pressure. German Shepherds have a MUCH stronger bite pressure than Pitbulls. Third – there is NO SUCH THING AS LOCK JAW. It literally does not exist in any dog breed in this entire world, proven by multiple tests done by scientists. Fourth – Pitbulls DON’T MAKE UP FOR THE MOST DOG BITES. You are FAR more likely to get attacked by a small dog or a Siberian Husky than by a Pitbull. Fifth – do the online test and pick a picture of a Pitbull out of the other 21 pictures. I’m sure anyone on here who isn’t educated on Pitbulls or who thinks they’re monsters will be incapable of choosing. Sixth – when researches went to see these so called Pitbulls that attacked people, they found out that OVER 50% WEREN’T EVEN PITBULLS and were in fact either mutts or completely different pure breds. OVER 50%! You people need to open your eyes.

    So if a black man moves in to the house to my right, and a white man to the house to the left, I’m going to get raped by the man on the right, correct? I mean, he’s black. He’s a black man so that MUST mean he’s going to come over one night and rape me. Correct? Because by saying a dog breed is more likely to attack you because of it’s breed, you’re also saying that every black man should be denied renting because they’re more prone to rape and Mexicans too because they’re more prone to steal. So let’s start banning every single black person and Mexican, because if you support banning dogs based on their breed you also support banning people because of their skin color.

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