Stop Raising Exotic Animals as Pets


Target: Annel Snyman, Creator/Owner of Loebies Guest Farm

Goal: Stop the expansion of a tourist farm that raises exotic animals as pets

The owner of a private South African farm raises exotic animals like lions as pets, and sells room rentals and interaction packages to tourists. This is an extremely dangerous business, and puts visitors in danger as well. Animals raised at the farm will never be able to survive in the wild, and would be put to death if they attacked someone. Demand the owner cancel her plans to expand the farm and that she place her animals in a sanctuary instead.

The Loebies Guest Farm is home to owner Annel Snyman and her “pets,” which include big cats like lions, caracals, servals and a leopard. Snyman bottle-feeds the cats when they are cubs and lets them loose in her home. She rents rooms to tourists and even allows school groups to interact with cubs and “smaller” cats, as well as pet adult lions through fences. Not only is Snyman putting herself in danger, she is also risking the lives of visitors. Wild animals are unpredictable and can act on their natural instincts and attack someone at any time, which would likely lead to their death.

While Snyman appears to love her animals and claims the farm contributes to conservation, raising them in captivity also takes away their ability to survive in the wild where they belong. The wildcat conservation group Panthera stated that businesses like Snyman’s are designed to make a profit, which “fuels the demand to breed more animals for captivity,” according to ABC News. These animals deserve to live in the wild where they can roam and hunt freely and are not forced to constantly resist their natural instincts.

Snyman recently announced plans to expand the farm to include wild dogs, hyenas, cheetahs and more. Urge her to cancel her plans and place her current animals in a sanctuary instead.


Dear Ms. Snyman,

I am strongly opposed to the way Loebies Guest Farm raises big cats as pets, and believe that you are putting yourself and your visitors in extreme danger. The animals you raise can never return to the wild where they belong, and you are putting them at risk of being put to death if they attack someone. I urge you to consider the well-being of the animals and do the right thing for them.

Exotic animals are unpredictable and may act on their natural instincts to attack you or a visitor at any moment. If this happens, the animal will likely be put to death as a result of your decision to put it in this situation. Your farm is also contributing to the demand to breed even more animals in captivity, when they belong in the wild where they can roam and hunt freely and are not forced to constantly suppress their instincts.

By expanding your farm, you are preventing even more animals from living in a way that is natural to them. While your existing animals will never be able to survive in the wild, you can give them the life they deserve by placing them in a sanctuary. I urge you to consider the wellbeing of all involved and cancel your plans to expand.


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Photo credit: Smithsonian’s National Zoo via Flickr

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  1. laurel mancini says:

    How does one not recognize that a baby bear, lion cub, chimpanzee, marmoset, lemur requires specific care, space and food? How continuously ignorant are humans that every day we read of us giving away or selling an animal because “it got too big” or “can’t afford to feed it” or “it ate my dog”. Exotic animals belong in their habitat. Not in a backyard or garage or a house. And they need space, sunlight, — freedom.


    People need to vote unacting authorities acting irresponsibly to future generations and living creatures out of occupations once and for all!

  3. Sydney M says:

    Exotic animals are NOT pets and should not be raised as such. They deserve to be out in the wild. This should really be common sense, although it’s obvious that many people lack common sense.

    Will all the animal lovers please check out the following petition regarding a murdered puppy? Thanks so much!

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