Stop Cruel Bobcat Trapping


Target: President of the California Fish and Game Commission, Michael Sutton

Goal: Ban bobcat trapping throughout the state of California.

Bobcats are being lured out of their protected areas in national parks and into deadly traps set by those who wish to sell their valuable fur. Bobcat pelts have been in rising demand in China and Russia, causing trappers in California to go to extreme lengths in order to catch them.

The Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 was enacted to protect wildlife from this exact situation, but it has shown to be useless when the California Fish and Game Commission will not enforce it. With bobcat numbers dwindling, it is vital that we take action now to protect California’s precious wildlife. Many visitors come to California just to view the wildlife there and it is a disservice to people everywhere if we allow them to be hunted to near extinction.

Coaxing bobcats out of protected areas just to hunt them is inhumane and needs to be stopped. Please sign the petition below and urge California Fish and Game Commission President Michael Sutton to implement a statewide ban of bobcat trapping so we can protect them from greedy trappers looking to make a quick profit.


Dear Mr. Sutton,

Bobcats in California have been hunted for their pelts for a very long time, but trappers are now taking extreme measures to acquire their pelts by luring them out of national parks and ensnaring them into deadly traps. The Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 was enacted to help prevent this, but it is no good if the law is not enforced.

Many tourists come to California to view its beautiful scenery and wildlife. Bobcats are an important part of the wildlife in California and it would be terrible to see their numbers drop to near extinction because we allowed trappers to take advantage of an unenforced law.

I would like to see a statewide ban of bobcat trapping so that trappers can no longer lure them out of protected areas. Making bobcat trapping illegal would help restore their numbers and protect them from China and Russia’s rising demand of their pelts. Having bobcats in the state is healthy for the ecosystem and we need to keep their numbers stable. Please enforce the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 and push for a statewide ban so that we can protect them from a cruel fate.


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  1. Emily March says:

    Maybe Russia – and most of all China – could be instructed on the virtues of (real) ‘faux’ some day.(China actually exports animal fur under the label of faux!!!). What are they going to do when there no longer are animals to kill for fur, anyway? And that day may not be very far off!

  2. Stop harming Bobcats, they are beautiful, precious creatures. Let them live and thrive and raise their families. Stop trapping them. It is imperative that the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 is enforced to protect these vulnerable cats.

    This causes them unnecessary stress and anxiety and it is not fair that they should have to suffer because mankind is selfish and brutal. Wake up and show respect to Beautiful Bobcats. You would not treat your kids and grandchildren in this manner then don’t do it to Bobcats, they have feelings too.

  3. Maggie Davey says:

    China again! I refuse to buy anything made in that god-forsaken country and if everyone did the same, perhaps things might change!

    • I though I read that the bobcats were caught and killed in California . Seems that americans can also be rather horrible when a dollar shines their way.

  4. Karen Eicholtz says:

    Trapping is an archaic practice that is unnecessary in modern times. To kill an animal strictly for its fur is despicable. We are the only species that does this. We kill animals for their parts and in the most cruel, painful ways. Rather than killing wild or slaughtering captive/farmed animals for their fur in ways that make the animal endure the most horrific deaths, we should develop alternatives or ways to do so in the most compassionate methods possible. Early man and even the Indians would “harvest” an animal and use every bit of its parts. Not today, modern man kills for some frivolous demand in order to make money and the rest of the animal is wasted not to mention its young ones who will die from starvation. We don’t progress as a species for true progress lies in men’s hearts as well as his pocketbook.

  5. Elaine Barretet says:

    The protected areas are a joke!!! Tiny little postage size areas and who can stop a wild animal from doing what is natural – roaming. Especially when they get pushed out of their environment. The laws just need to say NO TRAPPING – PERIOD!!! ANYONE WHO WEARS REAL FUR SHOULD BE PUNISHED!!!

  6. Stop treating animals so badly USA – you are supposed to be a civilised country.

  7. STOP! Think of the suffering these cats endure …. STOP! For the sake of God, STOP!

  8. Karen Remnant says:

    As long as the law fails to do its job and protect the animals the hunters will continue killing them. Harsh prison terms would be a start but again it’s down to those who enforce the law to do the job they’re paid to.
    As to those stupid brain dead females who think having the skin of a brutally murdered animal hung around them is a good look? Grow up! Find some moral fibre, compassion and get a life!
    Your vanity causes so much suffering! Stupid bloody women!

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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