Stop Using Meat to Make Cheese


Target: Panera Bread

Goal: Stop using animal stomach enzymes to make cheese products.

Panera Bread is using animal rennet and animal enzymes in some of their cheese products. Animal rennet is an ingredient used to make cheese, and is taken from the lining of young mammals’ stomachs. There are alternative methods in which animals are not hurt in crafting cheese, such as using vegetable rennet and microbial enzymes. Vegetable rennet is made from enzymes taken from vegetables. Microbial enzymes are made from fungus.

The nutritional information of ingredients are posted on the Panera Bread website for all of their meals. Some meals containing cheese do use microbial enzymes, such as their Classic Grilled Cheese. However, other dishes such as the Tortellini Alfredo contain rennet. Even though the nutritional information is on their website, at a Panera restaurant it just says the type of cheese and not what it is made with. People may not be aware of animal rennet and enzymes being used in their meals.

Cheese made free from animal products would satisfy more people and is more humane. It is more expensive to make cheese using animal rennet and animal enzymes. If Panera made all of their meals from microbial enzymes and vegetable rennet, they would make more money. This cheaper method of cheese making would also appeal to people who do not eat meat but still eat cheese, or people who do not eat meat and cheese together.

By signing this petition your pleading Panera bread to use more humane ways in making all of their cheese products.


Dear Panera Bread,

The inhumane method of crafting cheese that relies on enzymes from the lining of calves’ and other young mammals’ stomachs needs to stop. There are alternative methods, such as using microbial enzymes and vegetable rennet, for producing cheese. In some of your cheese products listed on your website you have used microbial enyzemes.

You need to make clear not just on your website, but in your chain restaurants, which cheese products contain animal rennet and enzymes. Panera, you pride yourself on “Picking the right products and your “Craftsmanship”, yet you use animal rennet in some of your products. You’re not advertising freely that you are using baby animals in the process of making some of your cheese products. People who refrain from eating meat for different reasons would not want to eat cheese with meat in it. If you were to use methods like microbial enzymes in all of your cheese products, you would save money and appeal to a larger number of people.

Please stop using animal rennet and animal enzymes in some of your cheese products. I’m urging you to make all of your cheese products in a more compassionate way.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit “ A calf in the New Forest, England” via Wikipedia

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  1. Cool

  2. I am sorry for all the hate full comments

  3. Hermann Kastner says:

    Cheese is cruelty, all dairy products are cruelty, educate yourself…..go V E G A N !!!

  4. Debra Diana says:

    No more Panera for me!!!

  5. Yes indeed! Whether or not a ‘traditional’ method: animal rennet is not the only coagulant available; there are lots of other ways: ‘microbial rennet’ (from safe types of molds, like Rhizomucor miehei) being one, as well as vegetable rennets obtained from figs, caper-leaves, nettles, thistles, mallow, some ivies…These are no new formulas: been used for centuries! Phytic acid from unfermented soybeans, or Fermentation-Produced Chymosin (FPC) are more alternatives. None of them represents the health risks of animal rennet for human consumption and…the animals the rennet is ‘extracted’ from – and needn’t be!

  6. Come on Panera you can do better.

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