Free Exotic Animals Being Drugged at a Zoo


Target: Oscar Luciani, Mayor of Luján, Argentina

Goal: Close an exotic animal zoo that allegedly drugs its animals daily to allow visitors to interact with them

The Luján Zoo in Luján, Argentina, has faced much criticism for appearing to drug lions, tigers and bears on a daily basis so visitors can interact with them. Not only is forcing these wild animals to spend their lives in a disoriented, lethargic state to make a profit cruel and unacceptable, allowing visitors to interact with these animals is also extremely dangerous.

Numerous pictures of the Luján Zoo are posted online showing visitors posing beside lions, tigers, and bears. Some visitors can even be seen riding on the backs of lions and tigers or laying their heads on lions’ backs. In addition to their unnatural passivity the animals appear dazed, their eyes unfocused, and they seem barely able to stand or lift their heads– clear indicators that they are not in their natural state. Countless tourists have claimed that the animals appear too sleepy and lethargic. Others have claimed that the animals appear so out of touch with their surroundings that trainers must splash water on the animals’ faces or dangle meat in front of them just to get their attention. These reports have led to accusations that zoo keepers heartlessly drug the animals with barbiturates, forcing them to spend every day in a lethargic stupor so they can make a profit.

Zoo management is also putting the public in extreme danger. Wild animals are highly unpredictable and may spontaneously snap back to their wild nature and attack unsuspecting tourists. Though it is not the fault of the animal for acting on its natural instincts to hunt or protect itself, if an animal were to attack a human they would almost certainly be blamed and killed. Urge local government officials to intervene and close the zoo immediately, both for the sake of the suffering animals and the safety of zoo visitors.


Dear Mayor Luciani,

I am strongly opposed to the cruel treatment of the animals and blatant disregard for the safety of visitors at the Luján Zoo in your city. Zoo staff have been accused of drugging their animals regularly so visitors can interact with them. Not only are these actions cruel and intolerable, allowing visitors to interact with wild animals like lions, tigers, and bears is also extremely dangerous.

Countless pictures of tourists posing beside dazed and lethargic lions, tigers, and bears at the Luján Zoo can be found online. Some pictures even show people riding on the backs of tigers or laying their heads on lions. The animals appear dazed and unfocused, and many seem barely able to even stand or lift their heads.

Numerous tourist reports of lethargic and unresponsive animals have lead to accusations that zoo keepers are drugging the poor creatures. Not only is this cruel and intolerable, it also puts visitors in jeopardy. Wild animals are unpredictable and at any time may act on their natural instincts to hunt or protect themselves. I urge you to consider the safety of visitors as well as the terrible suffering of the animals, and close the Luján Zoo without delay.


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Photo credit: Blmurch via Flickr

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  1. Lucy Kelly says:

    These animals cannot gain anything from drugged lives. They will die having never lived. Thus, this is a form of animal cruelty! Animals should preferably be in the wild, but if this is not possible, they should live fulfilling lives!

  2. If the zoo is closed,where the animals would go?

  3. This needs to stop right now because you are not helping the anamals to have a good life at all

  4. Debbie Siegfried says:

    shame on you all for allowing this to happen, these poor animals deserve to be free, stop drugging them, they were not be here on this planet to be exploited !!!! the ones responsible for this deserve to be put in cages !!!!!!

  5. Debbie Levine says:

    the ones responsible for this deserve to be put in cages !!!!!!

  6. birgitta nuesse says:

    We can give our voice for the animals!!! Because animals have no voice to explain their pain!!! Please help!!!! Thank you sooo much ♡♡♡♡

  7. Save these precious animals.

  8. That’s a torturous 24/7 drugged life forever for these poor animals! Luján Zoo needs a new management that truly have animals and peoples’ welfare at heart! Punish the current zoo owners and his staff for mistreating animals for profits!

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