Stop Cruel and Dangerous Bull Run


Target: Elk River, MN Mayor John Dietz

Goal: Cancel cruel summer bull run

A bull run event has been approved in Minnesota, organized by The Great Bull Run Company. Eighteen bulls will be put in danger solely for money and entertainment. Bull runs are notoriously harmful to both the bulls and humans and the event needs to be prevented immediately.

The event will take place at Elk River Extreme Motor Park just outside of Minneapolis and will cost $60-$75 to participate. More than 2,000 people have already signed up. A similar run had been planned in Canterbury Park, but was cancelled due to safety concerns after a bull got loose at a county fair. “Running with bulls is inherently dangerous and runners don’t want it to be safe,” said Rob Dickens, owner of The Great Bull Run. “Broken bones and bloodshed [are] part of the event.”

Several animal rights groups have already condemned the event. PETA has even launched a campaign, stating, “There is no way to be sure that these animals won’t suffer or become injured at these events. After having been loaded onto trucks, potentially driven hundreds of miles, and herded into an arena filled with screaming people, the bulls will run in panic as they are chased by horses through a rowdy crowd. As they rush through the course, they can crash into the barriers, fall and break their legs, or collide with and injure each other.”

The Great Bull Run has been sued in the past for organizing similar events. On its website it claims only 15 people have died in the 103-year history of the Pamplona bull runs, but it does not say how many are injured. Several runners have already been trampled at their bull runs, leaving one man with his pelvis broken in three places and others with bruises, gashes, and concussions. Horseback riders and spectators scare and taunt the bulls to force them to run. In the stampedes they become disoriented and confused and often gore each other or trip and break their legs. Many of the participants and spectators are also heavily intoxicated, which increases the danger for both humans and bulls. At a recent event in Florida, drunken spectators were seen punching and taunting the bulls.

There is simply no reason to put animals in danger for entertainment. No animal should be forced to put itself or others in danger. Please sign the petition below to stop Minnesota’s bull run.


Dear Mayor Dietz,

The Great Bull Run will be holding an event in Elk River that will not only force more than a dozen bulls to chase thousands of people amidst shouting and taunting, it will also put both bulls in humans in danger solely for the purpose of entertainment. Bull runs are incredibly dangerous and always result in injury. It even states on The Great Bull Run’s website that “Broken bones and bloodshed [are] part of the event.”

Please stop this event before any harm is done. These animals should not be forced to put themselves at risk. Nor should they be used as entertainment. The Great Bull Run has already been sued for cruelty and illegal practices in the past. This needs to end now.


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Photo credit: Craige via Flickr

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is an obscenity and should be stopped immediately. All those involved are an affront to the human race. Shame on you all for your vile cruelty.

  2. These “events” only get banned when an idiot human gets injured. Guess what? I don’t care how many humans are injured – they actually had the choice to participate, the bulls don’t. They are forced to run through the street surrounded by thousands and thousands of hoons that consider it entertainment.

    It is cruel and inhumane – the murder of the precious animal at the end is even more sick. Grow up world, get to 2014, this kind of crap needs to be FINISHED. Makes me so sick.

  3. Stan Benton says:

    Great! While the rest of the world is stopping such obscene “entertainment”, Minnesota is starting it up. I don’t mind if idiots want to pay money to put themselves in
    danger, but the innocent bulls have no say in the matter.

  4. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    I don’t understand this; Minnesota is normally such cool state. Then after the race, the bulls will be killed and eaten at some point, right? How is this fair? If the event is at the Extreme Motor Park, get ahold of some junker cars instead and let participants race around in them for their testosterone issues.

  5. T Bruning says:

    Minnesota – these sorts of events make you look like a backward state. Pathetic.

  6. ravinder singh says:

    Shame on you. You are worst then animals What the point of getting educated if you still have sick minds. Instead all those who are participating put them in the bulls place and let them have the experience.

  7. kay allan says:

    what is the matter with these people, they are not right in the head, it is so sickening, i do not care how many humans get hurt they have a choice, stupid idiots.

  8. I hope a lot get hurt that might teach them a lesson!!! STOP IT NOW !!!!

  9. Arlette Fossurier says:

    Je signe pour les taureaux ! quant aux imbéciles qui participent à ce genre de manifestation, je leur souhaite le pire !

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