Demand Justice for Pet Dog Killed by Government Officials

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Target: Wang Anshun, Mayor of Beijing, China

Goal: Stop the senseless killing of harmless pets in the city

Recently a small pet dog was brutally beaten to death by Beijing city officials right in front of the owner’s horrified eyes. The pet owner, a British citizen working for an international company, had recently adopted the dog and was taking a casual walk in the city with his pet when city officials intervened. They asked him for the pet’s documents, which the owner had not yet received following the recent adoption. Upon hearing the owner’s explanation, officials reportedly held the owner back and swiftly beat the dog four times before disposing of its small, dead body in a trash bag.

The regulations for owning pets ban any dogs taller than 14 inches, and 40 breeds of dogs including Dalmatians and collies that are typically viewed as harmless in other countries. These rules have become stricter due to a recent increase in the number of people who have died from rabies. This poor dog was within regulatory guidelines and was properly vaccinated, however the rules give no leeway for not having the proper papers with the owner at all times.

Co-founder of the International Center for Veterinary Services, Mary Peng, recommends that all pet owners carry all required documents for owning a pet. These documents include the pets’ registration papers and the receipts for purchasing the pets. Yet under no circumstances can the senseless slaughter of pets be considered acceptable. Call on Beijing’s Mayor to enforce more humane enforcement of pet registration laws.


Dear Mayor Anshun,

I am writing to urge you to stop the senseless killing of harmless pets in your city. Recently a properly vaccinated, small adopted dog was brutally killed by Beijing officials right in front of his owner, who was understandably traumatized. These acts are unnecessary, and claim the lives of innocent animals while causing harm to the beloved pets’ owners.

Please come up with more peaceful solutions to manage pets that may not have their proper papers on-hand at the moment that officials ask for them. The death of this fluffy, beloved dog could easily been prevented had the rules allowed for more flexibility in the examination of pet papers. I ask that you change the stringency of the pet ownership rules, and bring justice to the poor owner who had to witness the killing of his beloved pet.


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Photo credit: AFP via The Telegraph

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  1. This country is not so great on treating animals compassionately either. Look what they do to cows, pigs, sheep, horses, dogs, cats, fur, chickens, hens and every animal imaginable. Some 3rd world countries are even way ahead of us when it comes to animal experimentation and raising animals for their fur.

  2. kay allan says:

    this is a sick and disgusting race of people,

  3. Julie van Niekerk says:

    A race that should be eliminated off this planet.

  4. Patricia Wicker says:

    This is DISGUSTING!!!!! These people that perform such Cruelty are SICK DEMENTED SADISTIC PEOPLE!!!!!

  5. Sam Outhorn says:

    What a fine way to welcome a visitor, I must say! Hope the poor man wore a typical ‘mask’ for his own safety , not to catch rabies from the abusers or inhale fumes from (human) excrement and spitting lining the streets (When I see Asians wearing such a mask in Europe I could scream!). – Rabies isn’t connected to the “size” of anything, moreover. And if all that many are dying from it in Beijing: how about vaccinating the people, let alone dogs, against the outbreak?…

  6. On Jan 2, 2014 the “city” of Hespermia, CA 92345 city employees who call themselves KKKode Enforcement people–they entered MY house without being invited. They had no warrant. It seems that the old bag Mrs. Stone told these KKKode enforcement neo-Nazi fascist thugs that OUR cats (“We have at least 100”) our cats were crapping in HER flower bed–then her dog ate the poop and got sick. #1: We had 7 cats; all fixed, all declawed, all had a collar and all ALL stayed indoors. They were fed, watered, loved and we had 7 containers of new clumping style cat sand, 7 cat boxes and 7 containers with air tight lids (kinda like a diaper pail). The KKKode enforcement people took my wife’s 7 cats because “YOU HAVE TOO MANY ANIMALS.” and they also took my two dogs: ChaCha the Chowchow and Cookie the Golden Retriever. The dogs stayed in the yard. There were 3 five gallon water buckets, 2 food dishes and 2 dog houses. My wife got a ‘ticket’ for “cruelty to an animal–no water in the vicinity.” It was a lie. These heartless B*ST*RDS took our pets whom we loved……..and they killed them ! (“EUTHANASIA”) . What the f-word is going on when ONE old broad can get the KKKode enforcement dept down here to take away OUR animals.? And best of all these liars said “The entire house reeked of feces and urine.” We had to pull up ALL of our carpet and padding, spray the concrete slab with bleach and seal the slab with Thompson’s water seal. ONLY then could we come back and live in our own house. (We were kicked out cuz our house :”was not livable” the way it was.!!!! And here’s the finale: We got a bill for their work $3,500 bucks plus they already put a lien on my house.!! I thought you couldn’t do these things without going before a judge and having a day in court:? ? 4th amendment? GOOGLE it and read it. Where can I get $3,500 in excess of our regular bills?????? So until next adventure; Goodbye KKKode enforcemeent neoNazi fascists, Goodbye to the heartless b*st*rds that killed 7 cats and 2 dogs who were harming no one. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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