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Target: Bob Barker, former host of “The Price is Right”

Goal: Applaud Bob Barker for his meaningful actions to protect animals

Recently, celebrity Bob Barker made a guest appearance on the TV show “The Bold and The Beautiful” to highlight the important storyline of animal rescue. For decades, the former longtime host of “The Price is Right” has used his fame and wealth to simultaneously raise awareness and protect animals across the globe. From rescuing African elephants to creating a haven for chimpanzees who were once in a lab, Barker has moved mountains to take proper care of these creatures. Thank Barker for promoting animal rights and taking action to help keep them safe.

Barker appeared as himself on popular soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” as part of a three-episode plot about animal rescue. He relayed useful information about how and where to adopt from shelters in the Los Angeles area and discussed how to help control pet population. Given that this show has approximately 3.5 million viewers per week, Barker’s vital information reached a lot of households.

His TV appearance is just the latest in what is becoming a long line of animal rights activism. In 2013, Barker found success in his three-year journey to relocate three African elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a sanctuary in Southern California. Donating $1 million of his own money for specially equipped trailers and handlers to ease the elephants travels across the country, the trio now roam happily over hundreds of acres of natural terrain.

Similarly, in 2012, Barker personally funded a special care facility for chimpanzees with HIV. The chimpanzees had previously been studied in labs and could not be assimilated with other animals in the sanctuary because of their HIV-infection status. Barker funded a new facility for them and also covered the costs of operation for the entire first year. When it opened, Barker said, “I have waited months for this occasion. After 30 years of being locked in cages, these chimpanzees now have the choice to lie in the grass and look up at the sky—day or night. They can climb trees and build nests. And best of all, they can do it with each other. Seeing this today has me choked up.”

Barker has done so much, on- and off-screen. He promotes animal rights on popular television shows, raising awareness about shelters and adoptions. He also tirelessly pursues opportunities to help animals across the world. Applaud Bob Barker for his dedicated work towards animal rights and for making their priority known to the public.


Dear Mr. Barker,

I recently learned about your appearance on “The Bold and the Beautiful” to promote animal rescue and share information about Los Angeles animal shelters where people can adopt. It is just the latest act in your years of hard work to help animals find safety and happiness.

You personally spent $1 million to facilitate the move of three African elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a sanctuary in Southern California. You spent another $500,000 building a sanctuary for HIV-infected chimpanzees, knowing how important it was for them to have open space after spending years in cages. Thank you for making these animals a top priority and for teaching the public how they can help too.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: laksge via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Joyce Gray says:

    I also want to thank Bob Barker for his help to protect the whales in the waters near the Antarctic.

  2. Thank you Bob Barker for all the support and love you give the animals. You are truly a wonderful human being!

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    You are such a hero to me, from your animal rights activities to your time in the service training to be a fighter pilot. I remember when you withdrew from hosting the Miss USA (or whatever) pageant years ago because they gave away fur coats, and when you banned the use of fur on The Price is Right. In those days, it was such a new way of thinking and it opened my eyes. Now I do what I can to educate, donate, and rescue, and you inspired this. Thank you. P.S. I’m sure there are other people besides me who appreciate that Drew Carey has continued the tradition of reminding the viewers of TPIR to spay and neuter their pets. He’s also a class act.

  4. amalia savelli says:

    Thank you Bob Barker you are truly an angel from heaven in my opinion. You actually help the animals and a GREAT Ambassador for the millions of animals that humans abuse and treat so inhumanely. WE LOVE YOU. Keep it up!!!!

  5. T Bruning says:

    You’re wonderful. Thank you for all your fantastic work. I wish there were more people like you in the world Bob.

  6. micheline dm says:

    Why do we have to thank a celebrity?Because of the money they have or the fact they work in the limelight?Is it not normal for all, even celebs to stand firm for our planet and screal out loud the rights of every animal/pet.Every living soul in these innocent animals?I no longer praise and worship people!

  7. God bless Bob Parker, he is a wonderful, unselfish celeb. Can’t say that for most of the celebs.

  8. Thank you Mr. Barker. God bless you always

  9. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you!!! 🙂

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