Protest Criminalization of Undercover Tapings of Animal Cruelty


Target: Washington Representative, Joe Schmick

Goal: Do not incriminate animal rights activists for investigating animal cruelty on farms.

Animal rights activists could soon receive criminal penalties for the undercover recordings of slaughterhouses and farms. Washington Representative Joe Schmick has introduced a bill to the Washington House of Representatives that would allow the agricultural industry to continue with its current inhumane farming practices without fearing pushback from animal rights activists.

After the Los Angeles-based animal rights group Mercy For Animals showed workers at Bettencourt Dairy beating their cows in 2012, farmers have been on the defensive. They have been persuading lawmakers to pass “ag-gag” laws that prevent these animal rights proponents from filming their practices without their consent. Ag-gag laws have already been passed in Idaho, Utah, Iowa and Missouri.

“I view it as a way to protect the farmer,” Schmick told the press. It does protect the farmer, but the fact is that they don’t need protection from treating animals unjustly. If there was nothing to hide, they would not need this law. This entire bill is only for the purpose of shutting down animal rights activists who work to provide a better life for animals. If farmers are treating their animals with compassion then they should have nothing to fear.

Representative Schmick needs to know that we care about animal cruelty on farms and are not willing to sacrifice an animal’s well-being for the profit of farmers. Please sign the petition below to let Representative Schmick know that we will not tolerate animal cruelty.


Dear Representative Joe Schmick,

The introduction of your “ag-gag” bill is disappointing and wrong. This legislation would silence those who stand up for animal rights and who only want to make sure that animals are being treated fairly, rather than being abused in order for the agricultural industry to profit.

Farming is an important industry and farmers should not be wary of undercover recordings if they are treating their animals properly. You have said that you want to make sure that farmers are not unfairly distorted to make their practices look bad, but plainly beating cows and other incidents are not easy to distort. The agricultural industry needs to be held accountable.

Please stand for the people in your state who strongly oppose this bill rather than the lobbyists of the agricultural industry. No animal deserves to suffer for a quick profit.


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Photo credit: Pixabay via Public Domain

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  1. caryl sawyer says:

    Schmick is obviously funded by Big Farming interests. There is no point in writing to him.

    Summer vacations are not too far away, so let’s let that state chamber of commerce know we are boycotting them. There are civilized places to spend our time and our $$$.

  2. Karen Remnant says:

    Unfortunately money speaks! Schmick should never have gotten this far! Gagging people who show us the reality of abuse shows what an arsehole this man is. His love of power over defenceless animals is truly disgusting. If there’s nothing wrong with this ‘industry’ why are people like him trying shut everyone up?

  3. Heather Alexander says:

    Kayla. You are correct about your thoughts on these nitwits that inhabit a far from parallel universe. Christian is the poster boy for the ignorant and cruel flag bearing proponents of everything savage in the heart of man. I think the reason he provokes such a violent response in our hearts is that we are so weary of fighting a cause for animals that never ends. Turn around and there is something else lurking to divert our attention. Wicked people abusing animals in every way possible. All over the world . We do our bit and more and yet it never seems enough. Petitions, money, demos, and it isn’t just the Christian half wits that are the problem. The big money is there and they want to protect their interests.these guys are just as cruel because they don’t care until our petitions shine a light on their activities. Then it’s a knee jerk response to make their company look good and compassionate.. Profitability, cruelty, ignorance all contribute to the animal abuses and it’s people like us on these sites who pick up the pieces. I recognize that Christian is probably learning disabled. He doesn’t have a life and probably can’t get a job. He gives out his number out of desperation. I don’t believe that he can comprehend the content of what we are saying which is why he writes one or two line responses. It is really irritating to see him raise his two cents everywhere. I suppose I need to let it go as he has nowhere else TO go!!

  4. Cecily Colloby says:

    Just WHO is the criminal here?? Before we know it, it’ll be a crime to report child abuse….

  5. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER! LAWS ARE NOT TO PROTECT THE CRIMINALS! Who protects the animals?! Who is their voice?! Who ensures they’re happy & comfortable? We need laws exactly for these reasons! Who monitors the farm employers & employees? How do we humans know & ensure that animals are treated properly, with care & respect? DO NOT PROTECT THE CRIMINALS, whoever they may be! PROTECT THE INNOCENT AND VULNERABLE ANIMALS!

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