Stop Poisoning Bears With Chocolate


Target: Andrew Timmins, Bear Leader at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department

Goal: Stop luring bears with chocolate as bait in New Hampshire

Four bears recently died due to consuming too much chocolate from a trap. Baiting bears with chocolate and other sugary sweets is a common practice used by bear hunters. The stash that the now deceased bears found contained 90 pounds of doughnuts and chocolate, an outrageous amount of sugar for a bear of any size to devour. Purposefully feeding bears chocolate in order to easily kill them is incredibly inhumane and unnecessary.

The four bears in New Hampshire officially died of heart failure caused by theobromine, the toxic ingredient in chocolate. Their death was miserable, painful and completely unnecessary. Hunters often leave large amounts of sweets in a bear-populated area, wait, watch, and then shoot any bear that comes to eat the food. This method of hunting should be deemed an unfair technique and banned because it takes away the “fair chase” aspect of killing wild game. Not to mention, the sugary food is terrible for bears and it causes them to become familiar with and attracted to human food.

No good comes from baiting bears with chocolate. This inhumane hunting technique must be made illegal. Sign this petition to urge New Hampshire officials to ban this practice once and for all.


Dear Mr. Timmins,

Four bears were recently killed in New Hampshire. As you recall, the bears died of heart failure from finding 90 pounds of chocolate and doughnuts and consuming the sugary food. I am writing to support the prohibition of utilizing chocolate as bait for the bears of New Hampshire.

You understand how inhumane this practice is as well as how dangerous feeding human food to bears is. Luring bears with chocolate and other sweets is unnecessary to control the bear population. If officials were to study the ecosystems of the New Hampshire wilderness and the bears’ role in the system, humane alternatives to controlling the bear population would present themselves.

Attracting bears with sugary foods in order for hunters to shoot them at close range is unfair. Wild game hunters should always respect “fair chase” and allow the animals to either flee or fight back.

I support your efforts to ban chocolate as bear bait in New Hampshire. Please use my signature, as well as all of the others that this petition generates, to make monumental changes in New Hampshire’s hunting laws. The bears of the state deserve better than a painful death caused by heart failure.


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Photo credit: Mike Bender via Wikipedia

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  1. I DO NOT SUPPORT HUNTING OF ANIMALS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! HUNTING OF ANIMALS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED! — Just horrific what idiots are doing to the bears! it’s so cruel & unconscionable — they lack rationality, they lack compassion, not to mention they’re immoral, criminal & shameful — they belong locked up in prison — make them undergo psychiatric evaluations & you’ll see … there’s something mentally wrong with them — LOCK THEM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY! I DO NOT SUPPORT HUNTING OF ANIMALS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! HUNTING OF ANIMALS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED!

  2. Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    Gosh there is no challenge whatsoever in murdering an innocent creature, however, imagine if the hunters stalked and killed each other. Now that would be fun and…it would rid the world of cruel monsters!!!

  3. Jody Firneno says:


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