Stop Clothing Company From Alleged Brutal Murder Of Animals

Target: Dani Reiss, CEO of Canada Goose clothing retailers

Goal: Stop clothing company’s reported slaughter of animals for fur and down.

The Canadian clothing manufacturer Canada Goose has reportedly killed hundreds of animals in the most inhumane of ways to create its products. Its fur garments are allegedly made with the hide of coyotes and rabbits caught in steel traps and bludgeoned to death, while claims say that the goose-down filling is obtained by shackling geese in filthy conditions before killing them slowly and painfully. This is in direct contradiction to claims that the company employs cruelty-free methods of obtaining fur pelts and feathers.

A company that operates on lies is not a company that deserves support. Additionally, the company is among the few remaining clothing distributors who still sell fur, which is considered passe and cruel in this day and age. Down-filled garments are considered to be the same, when there are far better and more humane ways to insulate winter garments such as polyester or cotton fillings.

We must expose the lies told by Canada Goose, and we must demand the company ends its cruelty to innocent animals by stopping sales of fur and down. Sign this petition to protect geese and coyotes from more brutal deaths for the sake of fashion.


Dear Mr. Reiss,

Your company has been accused of obtaining the fur and down for your clothing products by inhumane means; coyotes and rabbits are allegedly caught in steel traps, beaten to death, and skinned, while the geese are captured and forced to spend 24 hours in horrid conditions before they are killed. You claim your company is cruelty-free, but news reports and video footage have shown otherwise.

Fur and down are considered passe in this day and age, many clothing manufacturers refuse to sell them. Your company would benefit greatly from doing the same, as there are more humane ways to make winter garments as warm as possible without harming innocent animals. Please change your ways and stop using the pelts and feathers of suffering creatures for the sake of fashion and profit.


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Photo Credit: Clay Hunter and Don Stroenson

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  1. The USA supposedly to be a ‘civilized country’ should send all those bastards behind bars for at least a year …

  2. I thought leghole traps were outlawed you cruel cruel bastards that do this to an innocent animal may you burn in hell

  3. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    ignorant morons

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    Anyone thinking about buying form this company should be made to watch this video of this animal is a leg hold trap. And then see how excited they are to buy one. Although I know someone who bought their coats for his wife and daughter, who only care about their vanity and fashion. The wealthy feel entitled to anything and everything they have a whim for, and don’t seem to mind at all the horror and suffering they cause.

  5. Channers in London Ontario Canada carries this coats of torture – beginning at $975 – let them know what you think of this …

  6. Has anyone seen the November cover of O magazine (Oprah Winfrey publication)? Oprah is wearing a CANADA GOOSE jacket in the cover photo. Shame on them!

  7. ROBERT ABBOTT says:

    It’s amazing how a corporation will blatantly lie about something as heinous as this. The barbaric cruelty, the pain suffering and death they inflict on their innocent victims is purest satanic evil.
    Canada Goose is the absolute worst kind of corporate citizen. I cannot imagine what kind of awful people run that company.
    I’m fairly sure their customers are no better.


  9. Karen Mckay says:

    I hope your company goes down the drain running on bloodmoney. Scum.

  10. Sheila Coles says:

    We call China a vile country for their cruelty,your just as bad.

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