Investigate Serial Pelican Slashings

Brown Pelican

Target: Florida Governor Rick Scott

Goal: Investigate the brutal deaths of several threatened pelicans by a serial slasher

Ten brown pelicans have been found dead after their throat poaches were slit open by a knife. Pelicans use throat poaches to scoop up fish from the water and swallow them. When these are cut open, the already injured birds find themselves unable to eat and slowly die of starvation. So far, 10 pelicans have been found dead and another four injured in the same fashion around the Florida Keys.

Not long ago, brown pelicans were on the endangered species list after human development left them without sufficient habitat. They’re still protected today under the U.S. Migratory Bird Treaty Act and are making a comeback. However, it appears that some individual (or possible more than one) is deliberately attacking the pelicans so that they die in a horrifically painful fashion. This could easily disrupt the recovery of the species and is also a terrible act of animal cruelty.

Whoever is attacking these birds needs to be brought to justice quickly before the violence escalates. These innocent animals deserve our protection, especially after their populations were decimated because of human activity. Urge the state governor to make the investigation into these serial attacks a high priority in order to prevent as many deaths and injuries to the pelicans as possible.


Dear Governor Scott,

As you may or may not be aware, there is a serial slasher loose in your state who has been attacking a protected species of pelican. The attacker cuts open the throat poach of the bird, making it difficult to impossible for the pelican to scoop and swallow fish. As a result of this monumentally cruel act, several brown pelicans have been found dead after slowly starving to death from the inability to eat.

Brown pelicans, once an endangered species, are still protected under the U.S. Migratory Bird Treaty Act. They’re still vulnerable enough to need protection as any disruption could send their numbers plummeting toward extinction once again. Not only that, but such an act of cruelty is incredibly disturbing, and the perpetrator needs to be found and arrested before the violence escalates. Clearly this person is dangerous and needs to be put behind bars as soon as possible.

I’m writing to ask that you put a high priority on the investigation into these slashings and the capture of this serial pelican killer. Often in cases like this where the violence is unusually cruel, it will only escalate as time goes on. This person could start attacking other animals or even people. Please do your part to make sure that the individual responsible for these attacks is found and put away before it gets worse.


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Photo credit: Gary M. Stolz via Public Domain Images

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    You should not NEED “urging” to find whoever is doing this-and, hopefully, slit THEIR throats.People like this are simply not fit to live….

  2. Barbara Chichester says:

    Please get law enforcement behind this and arrest this animal serial killer. This is a pure evil act done with
    no conscience at all. This person or persons are dangerous.

  3. Stan Benton says:

    It’s amazing what sort of sickos can be found among “homo sapiens”. Maybe Gaia will be better off once we kill ourselves off, as we seem to be racing to do. (Will the winner be the polluters and their global warming, the poisoners with their GMO food supply, simply our overuse of drugs creating all sorts of superbugs, or will we need to start a few more wars ’til we get the whole world into one?)

  4. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  5. WTF is the matter with people???

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