Stop Keeping Whales and Dolphins in Captivity

Target: George Furey, Speaker of the Senate, Canada

Goal: Support a proposed ban on the breeding and future captivity of whales and dolphins in Canada.

Whales and dolphins have suffered in captivity at Canadian marine parks for too long, say animal rights activists, indigenous groups and scientists who support a proposed law that would end this cruel and inhumane practice. If it is successful, the law would make it illegal to keep or breed these animals except for wildlife rehabilitation purposes or those already living in captivity.

While only two marine parks in Canada currently house whales or dolphins, animal rights groups say that this is far too many, especially considering the sudden deaths of two beluga whales at the Vancouver Aquarium in recent years. Research has shown that all whales and dolphins in captivity show signs of excessive stress and boredom, including damaged teeth from gnawing on bars and shortened lifespans. We also know that whales and dolphins are incredibly intelligent, and regularly pass self-awareness tests, making it clear to many that keeping them in captivity is unethical.

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are amazing creatures that deserve far better treatment than they have been given. Sign this petition to demand that the Canadian government put an end to their captivity.


Dear Speaker Furey,

I wish to lend my support for a bill that is currently being reviewed by the Senate that would put an end to captivity for whales, dolphins and porpoises in Canada. By making captive breeding illegal, as well as barring any new whales or dolphins from entering captivity, your nation will be making a huge step toward putting an end to what has been a cruel and barbaric practice.

Research shows that whales and dolphins cannot thrive in captivity. They are social and intelligent creatures designed to swim for miles each day, not to spend their lives isolated in tanks and forced to perform tricks for human beings. I urge you to make a compassionate choice and spare future whales and dolphins from a life spent trapped in captivity.


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Photo Credit: Natalie Lucier

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  1. Canada Let All the Whales and Dolphins Go Now! Dolphins and Whales Were Not Put On This Earth For You To Use As You Wish! Let Them Go Now! Stop All Breeding in Captivity Too! Make the Right Choice and Set Them Free NOW!

  2. If you were a dolphin or whale, which would you rather live in? A pool or the vast ocean. Same for animals in factory farms, fur farms, circuses and animal experimentation. Free them all!

  3. Byron Hosking says:

    There is some inaccurate and misleading information here. First, there is no peer-reviewed scientific research that shows that cetaceans cannot thrive in captivity [note, this is a statement in general, not to be taken as relevant to specific facilities]. Second, there is absolutely no evidence of shorter lifespans in captivity, quite the reverse.

    The two beluga deaths (Aurora and her calf Qila) at Vancouver Aquarium last year were due to a toxin that could not be identified, which may well have been of human origin. But aside from that, both whales were long past their normal life expectancy. Between beluga populations, there are differences in diet, lifestyle, etc. — and that also affects the average lifespan. Aurora originated from the Western Hudson Bay population of beluga whales. According to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, based on the COSEWIC report for that species, this population has an average lifespan of 15 years. Some individuals live longer, others die younger. Aurora was 30 years old, and her calf Qila was 21. Scientific facts.

    • Byron Hosking says:

      Cannot edit, so additional comment. The above is simply to point out the inaccurate information. I do not personally support captivity for cetaceans that are not rescued and non-releasable. Just to be clear. But spreading inaccurate and false information is no way to gain support.

  4. Carol Hyland says:

    A Huge Win for Whales and Dolphins in Canada: ( Oct 2017)

    “The Senate fisheries committee voted to move forward with Bill S-203. This groundbreaking legislation would ban keeping whales and dolphins in aquariums—right across the country.

    Compassionate Canadians want whales and dolphins to swim free in the ocean. It’s no longer acceptable to imprison these majestic creatures in tiny tanks, where they suffer physically and emotionally. It’s time for Canada to become a world leader in animal protection, instead of a world laggard.”
    This is a portion of an announcement from Animal Justice who is fighting hard in Court and winning on this issue. . Like us, Animals need Lawyers to move the dial forward and these Lawyers are doing just that. I have only the deepest respect and gratitude for their hard work and for their on going fight for animals. I support them!


  6. Nooshin Perla says:

    People and their greed. It is sickening how these beautiful creatures are hurting and suffering because of damn money loving evil people! Would this ever stops?????? SAD SAD WORLD!

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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