Kittens Thrown Against Wall and Into Fire Deserve Justice

Target: Joseph D. Early, Jr., District Attorney for Worcester County, Massachusetts

Goal: Seek the most severe possible sentence for a man who reportedly tortured and killed multiple kittens.

A Massachusetts man has been arrested for allegedly throwing and burning multiple kittens in a sadistic and shocking case of animal cruelty. Police arrested Miguel Medina after witnesses alleged that he had bragged about killing kittens whenever he got bored, and that he burned or threw them against walls for “fun.” We must demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Upon his arrest, Medina reportedly admitted to police that he had burned one kitten in a fire pit, while the owners of the farm he was living on claimed he had killed two others, but it is uncertain how many animals in total he may have harmed. If the eyewitness accounts are true, it is clear that Medina is a dangerous and sadistic person who will likely cause further harm. Given the known connection between animal torturers and serial killers, this alleged behavior is a serious cause for alarm.

Without physical evidence to back up the witnesses’ claims, Medina faces only a single count of animal cruelty at this time, plus two counts of killing/maiming an animal. Sign this petition to demand that all cruelty allegations against this man be taken seriously, and that he be given the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Early,

A Milford man is facing animal cruelty charges after he allegedly admitted to burning a kitten in a fire pit. However, according to eyewitnesses, including the owners of the farm he lived on, it would seem that he may have tortured and killed many others, reportedly for “fun.” This chilling testimony must be taken into account as possible evidence of this man’s sadistic intent.

It takes a sick individual to torture and kill an innocent creature in the way this man is said to have done. If the accusations are true, he likely poses a serious threat to animals and people alike. We ask that you take a tough stance in this alleged case of severe animal cruelty and seek the maximum possible punishment if this suspect is found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Nicolas Suzor

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  1. Erzsebet Osz says:

    Disgusting monsters like this should burn, and all who let this things happen!!!

  2. michelle taylor says:

    Instigation of the death penalty is required for this POS and any other animal abuser.Happy to help implement the required procedure!

  3. renate botzler says:

    Nature treats back now monster
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth
    Higher Justice works now

  4. This fucker should firstly be sent back to his own fuckin country as he clearly isn’t American with a name like that,then once the scum is where he should be set him on fire and let him burn to death,that’s all the cunt deserves..

    • “Alison Pope” doesn’t sound like an American name either.

      Maybe you need to repatriate yourself to wherever your ancestors came from? America would have been much better off without them, that’s for sure.

      When will racist dumbos like you realise that there’s no link between behaviour and race?

      When white people commit acts of cruelty and violence, do you link their psychopathy with their white race? I think not.

      Let’s fight for animal rights, and leave out the racism, ok? Cos racism isn’t going to help the animals!

      The atrocities committed by this evil man against cats (and no doubt other animals) are horible. This psychopath needs to be punished with the full force of the law – no lynch justice of the kind proposed by vulgar pitchfork-wielding fanatics like Alison Pope!

      Laws need to be strengthened to protect animals from dangerous humans – BUT we need to stop consuming animal products if we’re really serious about stamping out cruelty and animal abuse (more than 10 BILLION animals murdered worldwide every year just for food).

  5. KatWrangler WELCH says:

    I have no words for this. It took me days before I could even read the petition. I have cats and this just about killed me.

    This lower-than-whaleshit scumbag needs to be taken out and shot ASAP. Anyone who could do this to a tiny, helpless creature is a danger to every living being, and should be exterminated.

    There – I said it.

  6. Words cannot describe my anger.! ! !

  7. Simon Rimmer says:

    Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime time to clean up the human garbage in the world.

  8. Leila Lappin says:

    I say kill this demented monster! Don’t waste taxpayers’ money on this sadistic freak. Kill the mother fucker suck killer!

  9. I hope the owners of this farm have since lost ownership of it. Anyone who can treat poor defenceless animals like this should not be anywhere near animals. The authorities need to get this people off the farm urgently. All parties involved in these heinous acts need to be prosecuted.
    What sick low lifes they are !!

  10. Kill his ignorant ass slowly and painfully please!!!

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