Ban the Cruel Declawing of Cats

Target: John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado

Goal: Support a statewide ban on declawing cats.

The city of Denver may soon join a handful of other U.S. cities that have banned the cruel practice of declawing cats. The procedure, which involves the surgical amputation of the bones, joints and tendons at the end of cats’ paws, has been decried by veterinarians and animal rescuers as both medically unnecessary and harmful to cats. While it is hopeful that Denver will enact this ban, we must go a step further and call for the entire state of Colorado to put an end to this torturous form of surgery.

As little as a decade ago, it was relatively common for veterinarians across the United States to recommend declawing when spaying or neutering cats as a way to relieve owners’ concerns about their feline companions destroying household furniture. However, this operation is far more invasive than a nail trim, and it can result in lifelong debilitation for cats and unwanted behavior, such as biting or avoiding the litter box. In some cases, cats have been crippled or have died of serious infections as a result of declawing.

There is no reason to subject our four-footed friends to this painful and unnecessary form of surgical alteration. Please sign the petition below to urge the governor of Colorado to support a statewide ban on the practice, with the hopes that this will eventually be adopted nationwide.


Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

Denver, the largest city in Colorado, may soon enact a ban on the practice of cat declawing. If this ban goes through, the city will join Los Angeles and several others as part of a growing trend against this inhumane procedure that involves the surgical amputation of the last joints on a cat’s paws, including the tendons and bones.

Declawing is a barbaric and cruel practice that does far more harm for cats than good. In many cases, cats develop unwanted behaviors afterward and often suffer from chronic lifelong pain. There is no reason to subject our beloved pets to this form of torture. Therefore, I am urging you to help make Colorado the first state to outlaw this medically unnecessary procedure with a statewide ban.


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  1. Cats were born with claws for a purpose. To remove them is tantamount to pulling your own fingernails out. You would be well hampered. So is the cat. How can it defend itself if attacked? Give a cat a scratching post and it will use it to take care of its claws.

    • You’re right. However, fingernails and (sometimes) claws can regrow. But this goes far beyond. They amputate the cats’ FIRST KNUCKLE right off, basically rendering them unable to balance, grip, etc…not simply unable to “claw.” This is nothing but a lifetime mutilation for profit and unethical people’s CONVENIENCE.

      These new laws should also include charging any “owner” with the deliberate INTENT to willfully harm an animal, and vets should be advising such clients that they will be reported to authorities if they persist in pursuing such requests.

  2. Horrific Cruelty!!! Ban NOW!!!!!

  3. This makes me sick that a petition has to be passed for signatures to do what is right * That is there only protection they have for themselves * What is the matter with this World? People need to care & do what is right * Simple as that * Veterinarians who do this act of cruelty also need to be punished * Veterinarians are suppose to care for the Animal NOT harm them * This makes me so mad that doing the right thing has to be fought for

  4. Cats have claws for a reason. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea should have their fingernails pulled out. No cat deserves this treatment. To leave a cat with no way to defend itself or cat prey is shameful. No decent vet would ever perform this horrible practice.

  5. This should not just be a “handful” of cities agreeing this mutilation is nothing but wrong-wrong-wrong, but a FEDERAL law! Better and more rightfully yet, a WORLD-WIDE law!

    And any vet then caught surgically amputating a cat’s foot INCLUDING THEIR FIRST KNUCKLE, for money, should be banned forthwith from professional practice, no excuses!

  6. Declawing is incredibly cruel and unnatural. It is NOT supported by ANY reputable animal organization, is not a practice in most of the world, is against the law in the UK (considered mutilation–which it is).

    This act of immense cruelty should be illegal–everywhere! The U.S. and Canada are rare by still practicing this barbaric surgery. Most countries, worldwide, do not! Any vet who loves and cares about cats–would NEVER do this mutilation!

    • No they would not – the people who sanction this need their finger nails pulled out – treat them as they treat animals maybe then they learn to respect animals, this is barbaric

  7. Nooshin Perla says:

    I agree with D. M., any vet caught surgically amputating cats foot including their first knuckle, for any reasons, their license should be taken away for good!!!!! NO EXCUSES!

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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