Allow Pet Shelters to Rescue Stray Pets From Animal Control


Target: Illinois State Senator Andy Manar

Goal: Strike down legislation that would prohibit pet shelters from rescuing stray pets from animal control facilities

An Illinois senator has proposed a bill that, if passed, would disregard the hard work of pet shelters and keep more stray animals in overpopulated pro-kill animal control facilities. Throughout the state of Illinois, pet shelter volunteers have worked hard to rescue dogs and cats from animal controls, rehabilitate them, and show them for adoption. Under this new senate bill, however, these generous and effective actions would be made illegal.

According to the most recent version of the bill, animal control facilities would be prohibited from releasing any animal to individuals representing animal shelters unless that person represents not-for-profit, out-of-state organizations and the animal is being transferred out of Illinois. This means that Illinois animal controls would have to rely upon out-of-state shelter volunteers to drive across state borders to rescue stray pets. Considering that nearly every state across the country struggles with stray pet populations, out-of-state participation is highly unlikely.

Another provision of this bill would require pet shelters to turn in stray dogs and cats to either law enforcement or animal control within 24 hours to avoid fines. To reduce the burden of animal controls, non-profit rescues and shelters have participated in trap-neuter-return programs. If this bill is passed, strays would immediately go to animal control to await euthanasia.

Sign the below petition to urge Senator Manar to reconsider how his senate bill will harm pet rescue efforts across the state. The efforts of pet rescues and shelters are working to save thousands of dog and cat lives each year. If politicians don’t have the best interests of our most vulnerable animals in mind, they should stay out of the situation entirely.


Dear Senator Manar,

I am urging you to reconsider your proposed bill that would reduce the effectiveness of pet shelters across the state of Illinois. Pet shelters should be allowed to rescue stray dogs and cats from animal control facilities within their own state. Trap-neuter-return programs have been incredibly effective in the state, and should be allowed to continue.

We cannot rely upon out-of-state shelters to take care of our stray pets. We must allow pet shelter volunteers and employees to do their jobs and prevent as many stray dog and cat deaths as possible. Illinois Senate Bill 648 is misguided and must be tabled immediately. Time runs out too fast for most strays that enter animal control facilities, and new legislation should be alleviating that burden instead of causing even more overcrowding and death.


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  1. C.A. Rose says:

    Who owns you – labs that take dogs from pounds for research or the dog fighters who use them to train pit bulls? What reason other than greed would you have for making it harder to save those animals? What kind of morons in Illinois put a jerk like you in office?

  2. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Illinois, you’re breakin’ my heart. I moved to IL not long ago and just signed a “thank you” petition to Gov. Quinn when he came out against selling puppy mill dogs in pet stores. Now this?!? Either you’re ignorant of your constituants or you’re for sale.

  3. Lynn Otoole says:

    Since most rescues are assisting their own states due to logistics and cost, I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine what this shockingly ignorant legislation hopes to accomplish – more animals being put to sleep, more crowded shelters, less cooperation between shelters and rescues? Somebody give me a clue here because I’m lost. What does this bill hope to accomplish?

  4. I adopted my dog from a Town Shelter. She was abandoned to the street. If she was not picked up and brought to the Shelter I do not know what would have happened to this sweet, trained, well behaved, always trying to please and be as good as can be companion.

  5. ravinder singh says:

    he is talking like this because he must be having a lavish and comfy mansion for himself. he should be asked to live like them for a day at least before passing this bill. We would love to see that.

  6. caryl sawyer says:

    Manar is an idiot.

  7. How stupid can you be? They are saving lives and giving them a chance to find a loving home!!! What is wrong with you????

  8. Joyce Levy says:

    If you pass this bill then I hope you come back in your next life as one of these animals and get a good taste of your own stupidity.

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