Save Unique Amazon River Dolphin

amazon river dolphin

Target: Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs María Ángela Holguín Cuéllar

Goal: Prohibit the sale of the piracatinga fish in Colombia in order to protect the unique Amazon River dolphin.

Hunting and killing Amazon River dolphins, a unique freshwater species, has been made illegal in Brazil. Still, thousands of dolphins in the Amazon are viciously trapped and killed each year. Many fishermen capture Amazon River dolphins to use their carcasses as bait for catching piracatinga catfish. This cruel method often involves the use of harpoons, clubs, or spears to kill the dolphin. In other cases, dolphins become entrapped in other fishing nets where they are left to die. Their carcasses are then used to attract the scavenger species piracatinga. In one instance, about 70 percent of dolphin carcasses found in the Japura River were killed and used for bait. Still, the demand for the piracatinga catfish in Colombia continues to rise, creating a opportunity for greedy fishermen to profit.

Brazil has made great efforts to end the despicable treatment of these unique creatures by implementing a temporary ban on the sale of piracatinga catfish. This action will help to decrease demand for the catfish and relieve the stress on the Amazon River dolphin.

However, this type of cruel, illegal hunting continues in other parts of the Amazon. Colombia has the highest demand for the piracatinga and consequently has high rates of dolphin deaths. Therefore, we must ask Colombian officials to follow Brazil’s example by removing piracatinga from the market. By doing so, it will lower the chances of Amazon River dolphin killings and allow them to rebuild their population. We must also ask Colombian officials to prioritize enforcing protection for these dolphins. This unique, freshwater dolphin species contributes to the wonderful biodiversity of the Amazon and deserves to be protected.


Dear Minister Holguín Cuéllar,

The Amazon River dolphin is a unique dolphin species that has been targeted by fishermen for many years. The dolphin is captured and killed so that its carcass can be used as bait to catch the popular piracatinga catfish. Fishermen profit from the piracatinga catfish but are destroying the population of the Amazon River dolphin. These creatures deserve more government protection to ensure they remain a part of the unique, diverse ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest.

With the demand for the piracatinga catfish consistent, there is no hope to end the inhumane killings of the Amazon River dolphin. Therefore, I encourage you to help end the sale of piracatinga catfish in Colombia. By doing so, it would alleviate the pressure for fishermen to kill these dolphins. I also ask for you to implement more government protection for the dolphin.

This dolphin is a unique species that is quickly fading away because of careless human activity. Please help the fate of the Amazon River dolphin and help to protect it.


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Photo Credit: César via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Emily March says:

    Academic research has shown dolphins to be amongst the most awesome, intelligent, gentle and endearing creatures on earth. Furthermore: they have been on this planet light-years before any humans, whether or not these be fishermen. Such deserves more than a little consideration in itself.
    If it’s all a matter of money: decent alternative jobs can be found bringing up every bit as much; and fishermen sufficiently educated to see the point…

  2. STOP THE MINDLESS AND CONTINUOUS KILLING! ENOUGH! These dolphins must be protected! MUST!

  3. Judith church says:

    Why does this Go on at all?? Employ ppl in your country so they are not forced to kill dolphins for money. You must have a stronget penalty for the crime and that will help too.

  4. Human race is a plague on earth, especially male. They must not multiply so rapidly, there are min. 3 billion too many. Less people = less destroyed rainwood = less need for food = less cars = less pollution = less reheating = less destroyed poles = more nature with their animals.
    We are set on the world to live together with the other animals, not to dominate them.

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