Praise Ban on Use of Bulls for Entertainment


Target: President Pranab Mukherjee

Goal: Praise landmark ban on use of bulls for entertainment

Recently the Hon’ble Supreme Court in India issued a landmark verdict that banned the use of bulls for entertainment purposes. These include jallikattu, rekla races, and horse and bull races. These entertainment venues are abusive and traumatic to both men and bulls, and the verdict should be praised.

Humane Society International has been fighting for this ban for years, as many animal activists are aware of the harm involved in tormenting bulls for entertainment. Dr. Nanditha Krishna, who is the chairperson of Humane Society International/India and is a member of Humane Society International, stated that this decision is a huge victory for animal rights, and those that were a part of the fight should be thanked and congratulated for their work.

Jallikattu is when crowds of men chase and torment bulls for entertainment. The practice often leads to bulls and men getting injured, and according to Humane Society International, there is nothing “intellectual or cultural in fighting bulls.” The bulls are taunted by the crowds, tails twisted and broken, and are wrestled to the ground and prodded with studded nail sticks. Chili powder is also thrown into the bull’s eyes to make them crazy, and alcohol is also forcibly poured down their throats. The origin of jallikattu comes from the man’s domestication of cattle, “which gave him the draught power of the bull and milk from the cow.”

As with many cultures and traditions that are harmful to our animals or humans, we’ve learned to give them up for more humane actions. Just like how child marriage and slavery used to be tradition, humans have since learned that this practice is cruel and should be given up. Sign this petition and praise India for this decision to uphold animal welfare.


Dear President Pranab Mukherjee,

Recently your country’s Supreme Court ruled that the use of bulls for entertainment purposes are banned. This means that bulls cannot be used for races, nor can they be used for jallikattu, a cruel practice where the bull is tormented by crowds of people. This landmark decision will no doubt support and improve animal welfare for all creatures in your country.

I am writing to praise your court for this decision. As our civilizations advance, it is imperative that we let go of cultures and traditions that are harmful to our people, wildlife, and the environment. Animals have feelings and therefore, can feel pain. I am grateful that your country is realizing this and I hope more protections will be erected for your animals.


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Photo credit: Djoemanoj via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Christina Anderson says:

    Why people should kill, torture, maim or otherwise abuse bulls for so-called “entertainment” is beyond my ability to grasp. About bloody time the bulls got a break.

  2. Bulls are always being treated like shit leave them alone

  3. Carla Belloni says:

    Chi fa queste brutalità sugli animali, gli auguro, con tutto il cuore, di morire dopo atroci sofferenze . Il mio odio e’ così grande che se me li trovassi davanti avrei sicuramente il coraggio di farli fuori io.

  4. Ellis Toscano says:

    Such a backwards country. Mix in the treatment of children and women, add a dash of Pakistan and you have the picture of a slimy area with zero regard for life.

  5. The humans join voluntarily; bulls do not. They are there involuntarily. They are treated as POS, but the humans responsible for this are the real POS’.

  6. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you!

  7. Stan Benton says:

    This is good. Now how about banning the export of cattle as meat.

  8. ravinder singh says:

    i am proud to be indian at least some step has been taken not like canada and other countries who don,t want to stop cruelty against animals.

  9. mike heath says:

    It is wonderful news, but often it is the maintenance of change that poses the problem. I wish harsh punishment for breaking this new law! Well done for banning such a disgusting ‘form of entertainment”

  10. Joyce Levy says:

    Thank you so much. May you be blessed for your compassion and kindness. May other countries follow your excellent example.

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